Snake Eater II: The Drug Buster (1990) Bodycount Breakdown

Snake Eater II The Drug Buster AKA Snake Eaters Revenge (1990) Body Count Breakdown by H83tr3d


Jack Kelly / Soldier ( Lorenzo Lamas ) : 17 ( 5 shared with Speedboat )
Speedboat ( Larry B. Scott ) : 6 ( 5 shared with Kelly )


The Opening Tragedy : 1**
-One student collapsed to the ground , dead from apparent drug overdose

First Drug Bust : 5
-Soldier uses hand grenades to blast 3 drug dealers dead
-Soldier guns down 2 more dealers

Pimp Bust : 1
-Soldier rigged a huge spear on a rail , killing the pimp in his car

Food Inspection : 1
-Soldier rigged a toilet bowl to explode , killing the drug lord’s accountant

Final Drug Bust : 11
-Soldier blast 2 henchmen dead
-Soldier guns down 2 more henchmen
-Soldier electrocutes Speedboats jailer
-Speedboat blast a henchman with Soldiers improvised grenade ( he is shown expiring from his wounds subsequently )
-Both Soldier and Speedboat stuff unprocessed heroin trough an isolated ventilation shaft , killing the drug lord and 4 of his associates in the panic room below ( bodies are shown , both have 5 shared kills )


**Another student is seen collapsing to the ground , it is said that she is in a coma , but other than that, nothing . It is uncertain whether she is alive or dead
When Soldier replaced fire extinguishers with ones filled with flammable liquids , one of the drug pharmacists caught fire . However , I didn’t see him dying onscreen , nor was he confirmed dead offscreen . I personally doubt he died , so I didn’t count him.