Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball (2010): Body Count Breakdown

Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball (2010): Body Count by Eggimann


Lazlo Soot (Tommy Flanagan): 7
Lester Tremor (Maury Sterling): 8
Fritz Tremor (Michael Parks): 2
Kaitlyn ‘AK-47’ Tremor (Autumn Reeser): 3
Baby Boy Tremor (C. Ernst Harth): 3
Ariella Martinez (Martha Higareda): 5
Finbar McTeague (Vinnie Jones): 3
Walter Weed (Tom Berenger): 1
Agent Baker (Clayne Crawford): 2


Church: 1
Martinez poisons a Priest

“Dismissed”: 1
Kaitlyn shoots a guy

Weapons Depo: 3
Lester shoots a soldier
Kaitlyn shoots a soldier
1 dead soldier can be seen

Lazlo Soot´s Place: 1
Soot slits a guys throat

Carnival: 3
3 people can be seen on the ground dead, killed by the Tremors

Hotel Room: 1
Agent Dumare shot by Soot

Street: 1
Troy poisoned by Martinez

Outside Little Jazz: 3
2 Feds killed by Lester with Bow & Arrow
Agent Culham sniped by Lester

Bar Shootout: 17
2 midget clown blown up by the Tremors
Soot shoots a assassin
McTeague shoots a assassin
Martinez throws a knife into a FBI Agents head
Martinez shoots a FBI Agent
McTeague guts a guy with a razor
Lester shoots a guy
Baby Boy shoots 3 guys
Fritz shoots a FBI Agent
Martinez dies from being shot by a FBI Agent
Fritz shoots McTeague
Baby Boy dies from a Mine McTeague put on him
Soot shoots 2 FBI Agents

Elevator: 2

Lester blows up 2 FBI Agents

Tunnel: 1
Lester blows up another FBI Agent

Safe Room: 2

Kaitlyn shoots the Rookie
Baker shoots Kaitlyn

Weeds Reveal: 4

Martinez poisons a Russian Dissident
Soot shoots 2 guys
Agent Redstone killed by Weeds explosion

Aftermath: 2

Lester shoots Fritz
Baker shoots Weed