Shin zatô Ichi: Yabure! Tôjin-ken [Zatoïchi Meets the One-armed Swordsman] (1971) Bodycount Breakdown (Japanese version)

Shin zatô Ichi: Yabure! Tôjin-ken Zatoïchi 22: Zatoïchi meets the One armed swordsman (1971) Bodycount breakdown by Jawsunleashed (japanese version)


Zatoïchi (Shintaro Katsu): 36
Fang/Wang Kang (Jimmy Wang Yu): 44


Opening: 3
-Ichi kills 3 thugs

Road Massacre: 12
-Samouraï kills the chinese woman
-Chinese man kills 2 Samouraïs
-Fang Kang kills at least 4 Samouraïs with his arm
-Samouraïs kills at least 4 civlians
-Chinese man succombs to his wounds inflicted by Samouraïs

Hunting Fang Kang: 14
-Kang Fang kills 3 thugs in a toolshed (Commando Style)
-Kang Fang kills 11 thugs

The House: 2
-Yakuzas kills Oyone’s father and Oyone’s mother

Where is the girl?: 1
-Ichi kills a Yakuza

Sugito’s revenge: 6
-Ichi kills 6 Yakuzas

Ninja attacks!: 8
-Kang Fang kills 8 Ninjas

Releasing the Chinese kid: 4
-Ichi kills 4 Samouraï

The great battle: 39
-Ichi kills 12 Yakuzas
-Fang Kang kills a samouraï with a spear
-Ichi kills 8 Yaukuzas
-Ichi kills Tobeï
-Fang Kang kills 3 Samouraï
-Fang Kang kills the Monk
-Fang Kang kills 7 Samouraï
-6 additional Samouraï bodis on the ground, all killed by Kang Fang

The Ultimate Showdown: 1
-Ichi kills Kang Fang*


*There is another version of that movie, made by a chinese crew, which focus a lot more on Kang Fang, and it’s Fang who win the final showdown, so the bodycount might be a little bit different from this version.