Jimmy Wang Yu Killcounts

Temple Of The Red Lotus 11
The Twin Swords 15
Tiger Boy
The Magnificent Trio 37
Asiapol Secret Service 12
The Joy Of Spring
Auntie Lan
Trail Of The Broken Blade 79
The Sword And The Lute 31
The One-Armed Swordsman 8
The Assassin 137
Golden Swallow 193
The Sword Of Swords 111
Return Of The One-Armed Swordsman 76
My Son 2
The Chinese Boxer

The Hammer Of God

Zatoichi And The One-Armed Swordsman 49
The Brave And The Evil 87
The Last Duel 56
The Professional Killer 67
The Magnificent Chivalry 36
The Sword 74
Blood Of The Dragon

The Desperate Chase

The Invincible Sword 286
Rage Of The Tiger 102
Boxers Of Loyalty And Righteousness 120
Furious Slaughter 28
Iron Fist Adventure
Bloody Struggle 78
Royal Fist
Fury Of King Boxer 96
The Invincible 68
One-Armed Boxer 31
The Gallant

The Gallant Boxer

A Kiss To Remember
When The Lion Roars
Wang Yu, King Of Boxers

Ten Fingers Of Steel, The Screaming Ninja

A Man Called Tiger 18
Knight Errant 4
Love Begins Here
Seaman Number Seven 12
The Iron Man 28
Beach Of The War Gods 71
The Two Cavaliers
Fast Fists 13
Kung Fu Mama
The Tattooed Dragon 14
Flying Fists Of Death
Black Friday
The Dragon Squad

Four Real Friends

Xue Hua Pian Pian
The Man From Hong Kong 12
My Wacky, Wacky World
A Cookbook Of Birth Control
Attack To Kill 14
Great Hunter 3
The One Armed Swordsmen 9
Master Of The Flying Guillotine 4
The Savage Killers 4
The Killer Meteors 5
A Queen’s Ransom

The International Assassin

One-Armed Swordsman vs. Nine Killers 22
One-Arm Chivalry Fight Against One-Arm Chivalry

Point The Finger Of Death

The Deadly Silver Spear 27
Return Of The Chinese Boxer 6
The Criminal
The Lantern Street
Revenge Of Kung Fu Mao

Secret Of Shaolin Revenger

Brotherly Love
Big Leap Forward
The Battle At Guningtou 1
Fantasy Mission Force 31
Shanghai 13 2
Clash Of The Professionals 29
Island Of Fire

The Prisoner

The Beheaded 1000 15
Shogun & Little Kitchen
Requital 36
Drug Connection
Dragon 2
Let’s Go!
The Guillotines
Soul 1

TOTAL: 2,493

No Kills In: The Millionaires’ Express [Shanghai Express]

**All counts above 9 are tentative. Until there is a video showing verification, you may take these numbers with a grain of salt.