Scarface (1983): Body Count Breakdown

Scarface (1983): Body Count by ASHPD24


Tony Montana (Al Pacino): 26
Manny Ribera (Steven Bauer): 3
Chi Chi (Angel Salazar): 3
The Skull (Geno Silva): 3
Hector (Al Israel): 1


Opening/Freedom Town: 1
Tony stabs Emilio Rebenga.

Cocaine Deal Setup: 6

Hector cuts up Angel with a chainsaw.
Manny shoots Marta and 1 thug.
Chi Chi shoots 1 thug.
Tony shoots 1 thug.
Tony shoots Hector.

Bolivia: 1
The Skull hangs Omar out of a helicopter.

Night Club: 3
Lopez’ hitmen accidentally shoot Octavio
Tony shoots 1 hitman, causing him to fire into the ceiling lights which fall and crush his partner

“Shoot that piece of shit!”: 2

Manny shoots Lopez.
Tony shoots Mel Bernstein.

“You die, motherfucker!”: 1

Tony shoots Alberto.

Downfall: 1

Tony shoots Manny.

“Say Hello To My Little Friend!”/The World Is Yours: 29

Sosa’s thugs kill Ernie and 3 guards
Gina is shot by a thug
Tony throws the thug into his pool and fills him full of lead
The Skull blows Nick’s head off
Sosa’s thugs shoot 1 guard
Chi Chi shoots 2 thugs
Chi Chi is shot by a thug
Tony shoots 12 thugs
Tony blows up 5 thugs with his M16 grenade launcher
The Skull blows away Tony