Running Scared (2006): Body Count Breakdown

Running Scared (2006): Body Count by ASHPD24


Joey Gazelle (Paul Walker): 6
Tommy Perello (Johnny Messner): 4
Teresa Gazelle (Vera Farmiga): 2
Frankie Perello (Arthur Nascarella): 2
Ivan Yugorsky (John Noble): 1
Tony (Jim Tooey): 1
Mila Yugorsky (Ivana Milicevic): 1


Opening Shootout: 5
Corrupt cops shoot 3 Jamacians.
Joey shoots one of the cops.
Tommy shoots Stevie.

Park: 2
2 guys killed in a shootout.

Garage: 1
Joey burns and suffocates the Mexican mechanic.

Revenge: 2
Teresa blows away Dez and Edele.

Priceless: 2
Tommy shoots Sal.
Rydell blown up by Tommy’s cell phone explosive.

Truth Revealed: 10
Ivan shoots Anzor.
One of the Russians shoots Tommy.
Tommy shoots 1 Russian.
Tony shoots 1 Russian.
The Russian shoots Tony.
Joey shoots the last Russian.
Joey shoots one of the hockey players.
Frankie shoots Ivan.
Frankie shoots the second hockey player.
Joey shoots Frankie.

Ending Fight: 2

Mila blows herself up.
Joey cuts Lester’s throat.


-Lester harshly beats up Divinia, but it’s never confirmed if he killed her.
-Joey thrashes Lester’s 2 prostitutes, but it didn’t look fatal.