Ricochet (1991) Bodycount Breakdown

Ricochet (1991): Body Count by Kooshmeister


Earl Talbot Blake (John Lithgow): 12
Nick Styles (Denzel Washington): 1


Inside Job: 4
-Blake shoots 2 bodyguards
-Blake shoots Huey
-Blake betrays and shoots Vargas

Fight: 1
-Blake stabs Chewalski in the chest

Prison Break: 10
-Blake shoots the parole board chairman with a gun disguised as a pen
-Inmates kill 2 guards with a circular saw and drill
-Blake shoots the book man
-Inmate shoots 3 guards
-Guard shoots 1 inmate
-Blake shoots 1 guard and “fires” his lawyer with a bullet through the face

Betrayal at Sea: 1

-Blake doublecrosses and shoots Schultzman

Farris’ “Suicide”: 1
-Farris is murdered offscreen by Blake and it is staged to look like a suicide

Framing Nick: 1
-Blake shoots Larry

Blake’s Public: 2
-Blake shoots Kim for talking back to him
-Nick knocks Blake off the tower and onto a spire, impaling him