Phoenix (1998) Bodycount Breakdown

Phoenix (1998) BodyCount Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800


Mike Henshaw (Anthony LaPaglia): 4
Harry Collins (Ray Liotta): 3
Lt. Clyde Webber (Xander Berkeley): 2
James Nutter (Daniel Baldwin): 1


Opening: 1
Dead criminal’s body found at the crime scene with stolen suitcase of cash

Masked Midnight Robbery: 3
Mike shoots one of Louie’s business partners with his shotgun
Nutter shoots another one of Louie’s clients
Mike gets impatient and blows Louie’s brains out

Money Snatch: 1
Clyde betrays Fred by shooting him to death (he also shoots Harry but he doesn’t die in that scene until later in the film)

Police Standoff: 3
Mike ambushes a nearby police officer via shotgun
Mike then shotguns Nutter through the chest when Nutter surrenders to the officers against his orders
The Police squad mows down Mike (since he’s now an open target)

Diner Surprise: 4
Harry unexpectedly shoots Chicago and his two bodyguards (while taking his money back in the process)

Harry then succumbs to his bullet wounds caused by Clyde earlier while driving his car (you don’t see him dying but it’s very heavily implied since he is grabbing his bloodied chest in the quick cut beforehand and the car suddenly twirling off the road and stopping with the horn honking nonstop)