Full Metal Jacket (1987) Body Count Breakdown

Full Metal Jacket (1987) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Sgt. James T. “Joker” Davis (Matthew Modine): 5
Vietcong Sniper (Ngoc Le): 3
Door Gunner (Tim Colceri): 3
Sergeant Crazy Earl (Keiron Jecchinis): 2
Pvt. Leonard “Gomer Pyle” Lawrence (Vincent D’Onofrio): 2
Private Payback (Kirk Taylor): 1


“What is your major malfunction numbnuts?!”: 2
-Pyle shoots Hartman
-Pyle blows his own brains out

TET Offensive: 12

-2 Marines killed from explosive concussion
-Joker blows up a truck, killing its driver
-Joker mows down 2 Vietcong
-1 other Vietcong shot by Marines
-Joker shoots 1 more Vietcong
-Marines shoot 3 Vietcong
-Payback shoots 1 Vietcong
-Marines shoot 1 more Vietcong

Fields: 3

-Door Gunner mows down 3 Vietnamese people

“Re-education”: 20
-20 dead Vietnamese people shown covered by lime

Lusthog Squad Camp: 1
-1 dead Vietcong shown killed by an unidentified Marine

Hue City: 4
-Lt. Touchdown killed by explosive shrapnel
-Vietcong gun down Handjob
-Crazy Earl shoots 2 Vietcong

Perfume River Standoff: 9

-Crazy Earl killed by explosive booby trap
-3 dead Vietcong shown in road
-Vietcong Sniper shoots Eightball
-Vietcong Sniper shoots Doc Jay
-1 unidentifiable body shown near buildings
-Vietcong Sniper shoots Cowboy
-Joker shoots the Vietcong Sniper


-In 2 separate scenes, several wounded Marines are seen, but it’s unknown if they’re dead or simply unconscious.