Operation Delta Force 2: Mayday (1998) Body Count Breakdown

Operation Delta Force 2: Mayday (1998) Body Count Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800


Capt. Skip “Jackknife” Lang (Michael McGrady): 32
Sparks (Gavin Hood): 19
Lukash (J. Kenneth Campbell): 3


Amidiya- Northern Iraqi Base/Turkish Border: 66
3 Iraqi soldiers go flying after the Delta helicopter drops explosives (none of them get up)
3 additional Iraqi’s bodies seen
Delta members share 1 kill
Iraqi gunner commits friendly fire on one
Lang kills 2 Iraqis with his grenade launching attachment (one of them is in a car)
Sparks grenade launches 3 troopers (one of whom you can barely make out unless seen in slow-motion)
Delta sniper kills 3 baddies by a moving jeep
1 Iraqi seen slowly dying in the background
Lang destroys the Gunner with his aforementioned weapon of choice
Sparks kills 4 troops
4 Iraqis blown up in background + 4 additional bodies seen
Delta snipers kills 17 with Iraqi artillery (including a 2-man piloted carrier copter)
Lang shoots 2 troops
Lang destroys fort and tower (1 troop inside each)
Lang blows up another tower with 2 troops on top
Delta sniper kills a troop with a grenade
Lang and co. kill 4 guards at the door
Sparks throws a grenade into a tank (the pilot was seen sticking his head out in the previous shot)
Lang blows up 8 more

Russian Submarine: 2
Lukash shoots 2 pilots

U.S. Cruise Ship: 5
3 chefs shot by terrorists
Villain with bad accent kills 2

Cruise Ship Rescue/Russian Sub stand-off: 20
Delta team kills 3 terrorists
Lang kills the villain with the bad accent
Sparks and another kill one each
Lang and Sparks share a kill
Delta team shoots two others
2 dead hostages bodies seen
Lang, Sparks & Co. kill 2 more
At least 7 “friendlies” killed by the Russian sub

Underwater espionage/Not-so-Stealthy ship landing: 34
Delta members shoot 2, drown 1 and stab another
Lang blows up a one-man tower
Sparks and Delta team blow up a ship w/ a crew of two
Lang blows up a jeep with 1 driver
Sparks shoots 5
Delta team kills 15
Lang blows up 2 more on land + another 1-man tower (Is this guy addicted to blowing up towers or what?)
Lukash kills a Delta member
Lang shoots a man in the gut
Lukash is stabbed with his own knife by Lang


A few baddies get beaten or slammed hard against walls headfirst but I’m willing to bet they were only knocked out.