Assault On Precinct 13 (1976) Body Count Breakdown

Assault On Precinct 13 (1976) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Ethan Bishop (Austin Stoker): 18
Napoleon Wilson (Darwin Joston): 15
Leigh (Laurie Zimmer): 4
Blonde Warlord (Frank Doubleday): 2
Lawson (Martin West): 1


Opening: 6
-Police shoots 6 thugs

Cholo: 2
-Blonde Warlord shoots Kathy
-Blonde Warlord shoots the ice cream truck driver

First Blood: 1
-Lawson shoots the Blonde Warlord

Assault, Part 1: 5
-Gang members shoot Chaney
-Gang members shoot the bus driver, Caudell, the 2 escort guards, and Starker

Assault, Part 2: 24
-Napoleon shoots 11 thugs
-Bishop shoots 7 thugs
-Leigh shoots 3 thugs
-Julie shown killed by gang members
-2 thugs’ bodies seen afterwards

Freedom Flies: 1
-Wells is shot by a gang member while he’s trying to escape

Emergency!: 1
-Telephone repairman found dead, killed by the gang members

Last Stand: 16
-Napoleon shoots 4 thugs
-Leigh shoots 1 thug
-Bishop shoots an explosive canister that blows up and kills the remaining 11 thugs in the blast


-Bishop, Napoleon, Leigh, and Wells fire a number of shots offscreen, but it can’t be for certain that they hit anyone.
-It was pretty hard to make out the # of thugs killed in the blast, but I made out 11 (plus the 4 that Napoleon killed).