Mission: Impossible III (2006) Body Count Breakdown

Mission: Impossible III (2006) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise): 14
Julia Hunt (Michelle Monaghan): 2
Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames): 2
Owen Davian (Phillip Seymour Hoffmann): 2
Lindsey Ferris (Keri Russell): 1


Warehouse/Rescue: 14
-Ethan’s explosive blows up 1 mercenary
-Luther’s turrets shoot 2 mercenaries
-Ethan shoots the mercenary holding Ferris hostage
-A wounded technician accidentally rolls a grenade towards Zhen and it blows up, killing himself
-Ethan shoots a mercenary next to some pipes
-Lindsey shoots 1 mercenary
-Ethan shoots 4 mercenaries
-Ethan shoots a mercenary, causing him to fall out a window to his death
-Ethan’s explosive blows up the warehouse, killing the last 2 mercenaries in the blast

Chopper Chase: 3
-The other helicopter is hit by a wind fan and crashes, killing the 2 pilots
-Lindsey is killed by an explosive charge, implanted in her brain by Davian

Freeway Ambush: 3
-A Predator Drone controlled by Davian’s mercenaries blows up an IMF SUV, killing 2 IMF agents
-Davian’s Mercenaries shoot the IMF truck driver

Ensuing Chase: 2
-Ethan shoots out the tires to a henchman’s car, causing it to crash into a truck head-on, killing the 2 Chinese Mercenaries in the crash

“Where Is It?!”: 1
-Davian executes his translator

Restaurant Rescue: 4
-Ethan shoots a mercenary with another’s gun
-Ethan tosses Davian into the path of an oncoming truck, running him down and killing him
-Julia shoots 1 mercenary
-Julia shoots Musgrave


-Ethan shoots 2 guards in Shanghai but only with tranquilizer darts
-Ethan brutally beats up several people throughout the film but didn’t kill them
-Ethan shoots down an unmanned Predator Drone on the highway