Men In Black (1997) Body Count Breakdown

Men In Black (1997) Body Count Breakdown by Rorschach94


The Bug/”Edgar” (Vincent D’Onofrio): 7
Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones): 1
Laurel Weaver (Linda Fiorentino): 1


Illegal Aliens: 1
-K shoots Mikey

Chase: 1
-The alien assassin throws himself off a roof

Farm: 1
-The Bug skins the real Edgar alive and then eats him (Presumably)

Pests: 1
-The Bug kills an exterminator with his own poison

Resturant: 3
-The Bug snaps a waiter’s spine in half
-The Bug kills the two Arquillians (The Arquillian Prince doesn’t die until he arrives at the morgue though)

Jewelery Store: 1
-The Bug shoots a tow truck driver offscreen

Morgue: 1
-The Bug kills the morgue attendant

Final Showdown: 1
-Laurel shoots the Bug