Live Wire: Human Timebomb (1996) Body Count Breakdown

Live Wire: Human Timebomb (1996) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Jim Parker (Bryan Genesse): 16
Price (Joe Lara): 7
Ernesto (Leslie Fong): 3
Malinga (Issac Mavinbella): 3
General Arnaz (Anthony Fridjohn): 2
Mike (Gavin Hood): 1
Security Agent #2 (Adrian Waldron): 1


Busting Pablo: 6
-Jim shoots 2 henchmen
-Jim shoots 1 henchman on top of a car
-Jim shoots the henchman carrying the case
-A henchman crashes his car, killing himself
-Jim blows up Pablo’s main henchman with a grenade launcher

“Where Are The Chips?”: 2

-General Arnaz shoots Pablo
-General Arnaz shoots Gina’s bodyguard

“I Want Them Alive!”: 2
-Soldiers shoot the plane pilot
-Jim shoots 1 soldier

Wedding Assassination: 5

-Price shoots Maria
-Jim shoots Mendoza
-Jim shoots 3 bodyguards

Mansion Assassination: 8
-Jim shoots Juarez with a sniper rifle
-Price shoots 4 soldiers
-Ernesto blows up 2 guard stations, killing 3 soldiers

Shed: 3
-Malinga breaks a soldiers neck
-Malinga impales 1 soldier on a sharp post
-Jim throws a pitchfork into Malinga’s chest, causing him to drop a grenade and blowing up the shed, killing himself

Escape: 2
-Jim throws 1 guard over a high railing to his death
-Jim shoots 1 guard

“I Know Where a Chopper Is!”: 1

-Jim stabs Ernesto with his own knife

“Fight Like A Man!”: 1
-Jim breaks Julio’s neck

Parking Garage: 1
-Price shoots 1 bodyguard

Kitchen Chase: 1
-Price breaks a security guard’s neck

Final Fight: 1
-Security Agent #2 shoots Price

“Drop It!”: 1
-Mike shoots an innocent woman

Rooftop: 1
-Mike slips out of Jim’s hand and falls to his death

“Screw It!”: 1
-Jim shoves General Arnaz’s head through a car window, shattering his skull and killing him