China Strike Force (2000) Body Count Breakdown

China Strike Force (2000) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Darren Tong (Aaron Kwok): 4
Tony Lau (Mark Dacascos): 4
Coolio (Artis “Coolio” Ivey Jr.): 4
Ken Low (Ken Lo): 2
Alex Cheung (Leehom Wang): 1


Opening Raid: 2
-Darren shoots 2 henchmen

“We Have No Medical Supplies”: 1
-Tony shoots 2 paramedics

“No Witnesses”: 2
-Tony shoots an innocent woman and her baby

Fashion Show: 1
-Ken stabs Chong through the neck with scissors

Street Chase: 1
-Ken jumps off a bridge to his death

Palace Fight: 2
-Alex throws a spear into Lee’s chest
-Coolio shoots Sheriff Lin

“The Bad Guys Win!”: 1
-Coolio shoots Alex and he dies in Darren’s arms

Escape: 2
-Coolio machine guns 2 henchmen hanging onto the car

Helicopter Melee: 2
-Darren kicks 1 henchman off the car to his death 30 feet below
-Darren kicks Tony onto some rope and he is crushed when the car hits a statue

High Rise: 4
-The helicopter gets stuck in the middle of the building and explodes, killing the 3 pilots inside and 1 nearby construction worker

Final Fight: 1
-The car crashes down and crushes Coolio, causing him to fall through the glass window panel to his death


Darren, Alex and Norika beat up many thugs throughout the film but none of the hits looked lethal enough to kill