Dead Right (1993) Body Count Breakdown

Dead Right (1993) Body Count Breakdown by Killcountsrus79


Barry Stern (Edward Scotland): 30 (3 shared with Nigel)
Nigel Roscoe (Rob Yarde):15(3 shared with Barry)
Philip Quinn (Martin Curtis):6
Antonia Quinn (Amy Bowles):1


Dead before credits:1
A man is axed in the head by Philip

Next Victim:1
A girl is shocked by Philip

The Park:1
Mike Tight is stabbed in the back by Philip

Flashback/Philip’s story:2
It is obvious that Philip killed his parents(Barry hint’s to it and a stabbing device is on the floor)

“Chock’s Away!”:1
Barry kicks the box monster onto the ground and jumps on to his head

The House Shoot-Out:44
Barry shoots three box men in the head
Nigel shoots a box man in the head
Nigel and Barry both cap themselves a box man and then both shoot one box man
Nigel and Barry cap themselves another two boxmen
Nigel shoots 3 box men
Barry shoots 4 box men
Nigel shoots another box man
Barry wastes three box men
Nigel blasts two box men
Barry shoots 3 box men
Nigel shoots 3 box men
Nigel and Barry both shoot 2 boxmen(shared)(and a lot of others join in on the second one)
Barry sticks the barrell of his machine gun into one box mans mouth
Barry shoots 3 box men
Another 3 dead bodies are seen,killed by Barry
Nigel yanks off one box mans head with a rope
Nigel is stabbed in the back by Antonia
Barry shoots Antonia in the face

The Park,again:1
Philip shoots Edgar Wright/the director

The Final Showdown:2
Barry shoots Philip
Barry finds an unpinned grenade in his pocket which blows him up