Hong Kong 1941 (1984) Body Count Breakdown

Hong Kong 1941 (1984) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Yip Kim Fay (Chow Yun-Fat) – 7
Wong Hak Keung (Alex Man) – 1


Mansion – 1
-Keung hurled Japanese colonel off mansion’s roof to his death

Streets – 5
-2 Chinese civilians seen, executed by Japanese troops
-2 more Chinese men’s corpse seen being carried on a wheelbarrow
-Nam witnessed a black-white photograph of a baby being impaled by a Japanese soldier

Firecracker Torture Party – 1
-Fay kills Chairman Liu Yan-Mau

Execution – 1
-Fay finishes off General Kanezawa

Boat – 5
-Fay blows himself up together with 4 Japanese soldiers


-A building explodes and is set on fire in the beginning of the film, but nobody is seen being killed
-Many people are beaten up in the rice warehouse and mansion scene
-There are at least 7 Japanese soldiers seen on the boat at the end of the film, but when Fay reveals the grenade tucked beneath his shirt, few of the soldiers freaked out, and simply jumped off the boat. When Fay detonates the grenade I only counted Fay and 4 soldiers still on the boat who didn’t jump off in time as Fay’s kills.
-The soldiers who jumped off their boat into the sea probably drowned, but we didn’t see them die, I didn’t count them.