Hand Of Death/Countdown To Kung Fu (1976): Body Count Breakdown

Hand Of Death/Countdown To Kung Fu (1976): Body Count by luvmetender009


Tan Feng (Jackie Chan) – 11
Yun Fei (as Dorian Tan Tao-liang) – 9
The Wanderer (Wei Yang) – 7
Shih Shao-Feng (James Tien) – 2
Officer Tu Ching (Sammo Hung Kam-Bo) – 4
Chiu Guo – 1
Shaolin Senior Practitioner – 2

The Elites
First elite with spear – 4, 1 shared with second elite with spear
Second elite with spear – 2, 1 shared with first elite with spear
Elite with dual swords – 2
Elite with flail – 2


Shaolin Temple Massacre – 28
-7 shaolin practitioners arrowed
-Senior practitioner slash 1 soldier
-1 person slashed offscreen
-1 practitioner killed
-Du snaps 1 practitioner’s neck
-Senior practitioner slash 1 soldier
-The elderly shaolin monk was hung to death
-5 practitioners’ corpses seen
-1 practitioner killed
-1 soldier’s corpse seen
-4 practitioners’ corpses seen
-Soldier kills 1 practitioner
-Practitioner kills 1 soldier
-Du strangles 1 practitioners
-Shih mortally beats the senior practitioner

Mountains – 1

-1 dead practitioner seen hung on a tree

Town – 19
-Yunfei stabs the executioner with a dart
-First spear elite stabs 1 rebel
-2 soldiers’ corpses seen in background
-Chiu Guo spears 1 soldier
-Dual sword elite kills 2 rebels
-1 soldier’s corpse seen
-Both spear elites kills 1 rebel at the same time (shared)
-Flail elite stabs 1 rebel
-Du beats 1 rebel to death
-8 corpses seen in aftermath

Wanderer’s Flashback – 1

-Wanderer accidentally kills Autumn Moon held by Shih as human shield

Fortress Grounds – 1
-Du kills Chiu Guo

Tan’s Flashback – 6
-1 rebel stabbed
-First spear elite kills 1 rebel
-2 rebels’ corpses seen
-Second spear elite kills 1 rebel
-Flail elite kills Tan Xiong

Teahouse – 2

-Wanderer kills 2 soldiers

Archery Range – 1

-Shih arrows the assassin

East Gate – 8
-Tan spears 6 soldiers
-Tan kills both shield elites

Tan’s Vengeance – 2

-Tan kills the dual sword elite and spear elite

Interception Point – 5
-Yunfei kills bald elite boxer by smashing his head
-Tan throws his spear into first spear elite
-Drifter kills second spear elite
-Yunfei strangles elite fighter
-Tan succumbs to his wounds after first spear elite stabs him

Boat – 3

-Wanderer kills both shaolin traitors
-Wanderer throws himself into the river

Coast – 2

-Yunfei beats Du to death
-Yunfei causes Lieh to be tangled in a net, then kicks him into the river where he drowns

Final Showdown – 4

-Yunfei stabs 1 soldier with a dart
-Yunfei spears 2 soldiers
-Yunfei kills Shih