Hancock (2008) Body Count Breakdown

Hancock (2008) [Unrated] Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


John Hancock (Will Smith): 12
Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman): 1


Opening: 5
-Hancock knocks down a sign, which causes 2 cop cars to flip over and crash, killing both drivers
-Hancock throws down the asian gangster’s van onto a large spike at full force, killing all 3 asian gangsters inside

Robbery: 3
-Hancock tackles a bank robber at super speed, sending him up in the air to his death (he is heard screaming)
-Hancock kills 2 more bank robbers

Liquor Store Robbery: 2
-Hancock throws a robber head-first into a glass door at super speed
-Hancock throws a candy bar at the second robber at super speed, which sends him flying through the store window and into a car’s windshield

Hospital: 3
-Hancock throws 1 of Red’s henchmen out a window to his death
-Hancock tosses the second henchman out another window to his death
-Ray kills Red with a fire axe