God’s Gun (1976) Body Count Breakdown

God’s Gun [Diamante Lobo] (1976) Body Count Breakdown by BodyCountMan


Lewis-(Lee Van Cleef) 6
Sam Clayton-(Jack Palance) 5
Zeke Clayton-(Cody Palance) 3
Jess Clayton-(Robert Lipton) 3


The Opening Shootout: 3
Zeke-shoots 3 Deputys

Saloon: 1
Jess-throws a kife into a man’s back

The Death Of Father John: 1
-2 of Sam’s men shoot Father John

Greedy: 5
Sam-shoots 5 of his own men

Flashback: 1
Lewis-shoots a man that was cheating at cards
Lewis-shoots 3 other men

The Ghost Of Father John
Lewis-knocks a man off the top of the saloon

The Church: 3
Jess and another guy shoots 2 of their own men
-a guy runs in too jess kife on accident

The Death Of Zeke: 1
Jesse-shoots Zeke

The Final Showdown: 1
Lewis-shoots Sam Clayton