From Beijing With Love (1994) Body Count Breakdown

From Beijing With Love [Gwok Chaan Ling Ling Chat] (1994) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Agent 002 (Rongguang Yu) – 17 kills
The Commander (Kam-Kong Wong) – 3 kills
Ling Ling Chat (Stephen Chow) – 4 kills
Siu Kam (Anita Yuen) – 7 kills
Mystery Woman (Pauline Chan) – 6 kills
Metal Mouth (Joe Cheng) – 1 kill


Warehouse – 18
-002 shoots 11 thugs
-Thugs accidentally shoot 1 of their own used as a human shield by 002 (shared)
-002 shoots 2 more thugs
-002 blows up 3 thugs with his M16’s grenade launcher attachment
-The Commander shoots 002 through the back with an armour-piercing bullet

Betrayal – 1
-Siu Kam stabs the Deputy Commander in the scalp

Robbery – 8
-Robbers shoot 1 employee
-Robbers shoots 2 cops and an innocent woman
-Lead robber guns down the young father
-Chat slash 1 robber
-Chat hurls 10 throwing knives at the 2 remaining robbers, which sticks into them at various body parts killing them both

Mansion – 1
-Siu Kam snipes the mansion’s Lord

Firing Range – 4
-Firing squad shoots 3 prisoners
-Firing squad blows up the prisoner who tried to escape by leaping into the air with his Qi

Heist – 12
-Metal Mouth chokes the life out of 1 officer (the other one next to him was merely flung aside and probably still alive)
-Mystery Woman guns down 6 officers
-Siu Kam blows up 5 officers with an RPG

Showdown – 3
-The Commander blows up Mystery Woman with an explosive bullet
-The Commander blows up Metal Mouth with same
-Chat hacks The Commander through the chest with his armor-piercing butcher knife


-Ling Ling Chat shoots the femme fatale in the opening sequence, but as it is animated it doesn’t count.