Far Cry (2008) Body Count Breakdown

Far Cry (2008) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Jack Carver (Til Schweiger): 16
Max (Ralf Moeller): 6
Chernov (Natalia Avelon): 5
Valerie (Emmanuelle Vaugier): 3
Parker (Craig Fairbrass): 1


Opening Hunt: 5
-A modified soldier kills 5 mercenaries

Car Chase: 9
-Jack shoots 2 mercenaries
-Jack blows up a truck, killing the gunner (the other 2 who were knocked down got back up)
-Jack causes a truck to crash, killing 2 mercenaries
-Valerie’s hook gets caught up in the helicopter’s rotor, causing it to blow up, killing the 2 pilots and gunner

Base: 1
-Chernov shoots a mercenary

Boat Chase: 5
-Jack shoots 3 soldiers
-Jack causes a boat with 2 soldiers on it to crash and explode, killing them

Lab: 4

-A soldier shoots a lab worker
-A modified soldier breaks a soldier’s neck
-A modified soldier mows down a lab worker

Attack: 6
-Jack activates a buzz saw, which cuts a modified soldier in half
-Parker shoots 1 modified soldier in the head
-Modified soldiers kill 4 soldiers

Switching Sides: 1
-Jack executes a modified soldier with a shotgun

Betrayal: 1
-Chernov stabs Parker

Clear: 14
-Chernov shoots 2 soldiers
-Jack shoots a mercenary and a modified soldier
-Mercenaries shoot 7 soldiers
-Soldiers shoot 3 mercenaries

Standoff: 9
-Jack shoots 2 mercenaries
-Max chokes a mercenary to death with one hand*
-Max knocks 2 mercenaries aside to their deaths *
-Max clotheslines a mercenary with his fist, killing him*
-Max throws a 2×4 at a mercenary’s head, killing him instantly*
-Max breaks Chernov’s neck
-Max dies from the gunshot wound inflicted by Chernov


NOTE: Due to Max’s size and strength, I count all of the mercenaries he attacked since all of the hits he gave them looked very lethal