Dead Fish (2005) Body Count Breakdown

Dead Fish (2005) Body Count Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800


Lynch (Gary Oldman): 1
Danny Devine (Robert Carlyle): 1
Samuel Fish (Terence Stamp): 1
Dragan (Karel Roden): 2


“Don’t you want to introduce yourself?”: 1
-Lynch shoots Frank Rosenheim to death

Barbershop Pondering: 1
-Dragan imagines shooting Samuel Fish twice

Street Mayhem: 2
-Dragan makes Virgil fall off his bike fatalling bashing his skull against a parked bus
-Danny accidentally runs over Dragan twice (Dragan is seen alive afterwards but his fate is imminent and his eyes slowly close and joints start to go motionless seconds later in the frame)

Conclusion: 1
-Samuel Fish shoots Lynch various times causing him to fall out the tower window to his death