Darkman II: The Return Of Durant (1995) Body Count Breakdown

Darkman II: The Return Of Durant (1995) Body Count Breakdown by Kooshmeister


Robert G. Durant (Larry Drake): 6
Darkman (Arnold Vosloo): 2
Dr. Alfred Hathaway (Lawrence Dane): 1
Roy (Steve Mousseau): 1
Skinhead (Kevin Rushton): 1


Car chase: 3
-Steve blows up a pursuing vehicle with a grenade, killing 1 drug dealer
-Steve’s car crashes, killing his driver
-Steve is shot by the surviving drug dealer

“I’m surprised, can’t you tell?”: 1
-Durant puts Rollo in a golf cart and launches him off the roof

Springing Dr. Hathaway: 1

-Roy shoots 1 orderly

History repeats itself: 1

-David Brinkman is tortured by Durant’s goons and Durant finishes him off since he cuts off David’s finger as a trophy

Car bombing: 1
-Jill Randall is blown up in her car by a bomb planted by Durant

Darwin Award: 1
-Whitey messes with a nuclear-powered fuel cell which electrocutes him, turns him blue, then launches him through a wall.

Final showdown: 7

-Hathaway shoots Perkins
-A skinhead shoots Hathaway
-Durant shoots 2 skinheads
-Darkman kicks Eddie off a ledge to his death
-Durant shoots Ivan with the Vigilante and blows him up, believing him to be Darkman
-Darkman blows up Durant in his own limousine


Roy is seemingly killed by Darkman, as we hear a gunshot and then Eddie finds Roy lying on the floor. However, Roy was the one with the gun, not Darkman, so it’s possible Roy fired the shot, missed, and Darkman only knocked him out.

There are also two instances of characters surviving despite the fact they shouldn’t have. Darkman tosses a manhole cover like a Frisbee at the drug dealer who killed Steve, clearly hitting him in the face, however the crook survives this. Later, Durant fires his gun repeatedly through the windshield of a car that almost hits him, including two that clearly go through the glass and into the driver. However the driver emerges alive.