Broken Arrow (1996) Body Count Breakdown

Broken Arrow (1996) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Bodycountman and Gregg)


Captain Riley Hale (Christian Slater): 8
Major Vic “Deak” Deakins (John Travolta): 8
Novacek (Casey Biggs): 4
Terry Carmichael (Samantha Mathis): 3
Master Sergeant Aaron Kelly (Howie Long): 3
Baker (James G. MacDonald): 2
Colonel Max Wilkins (Delroy Lindo): 1


“Secured”: 2
-Baker shoots Jim and causes him to fall into the campfire
-Baker shoots Wanda through the tent

“How you doin’?”: 2
-Novacek shoots McKeller
-Novacek shoots the co-pilot

Betrayal: 3
-Novacek shoots Lieutenant Reed
-Novacek shoots Lieutenant Thomas
-Kelly shoots Chief Rhodes

Helicopter Chase: 2
-Hale shoots Brandt, causing the helicopter to crash and explode, killing Novacek

Road: 1
-Hale throws Baker out of his Humvee onto the road, causing him to be run over by Kelly (shared)

Mine: 1
-Deak accidentally shoots Johnson

Desert: 6
-Deak hits Pritchett in the throat with a flashlight, crushing his windpipe
-The EMP nuclear bomb activated by Deak explodes and causes the NEST helicopter to crash and explode, killing Major Hunt, the pilot, and 3 gunners onboard

Train: 12
-Terry throws a hammer that hits Max in the head, killing him
-Wilkins shoots 1 mercenary on top of the train
-Wilkins’ pilot cuts 1 mercenary with the helicopter’s blades and sends him flying off the train
-Hale shoots 1 mercenary and causes him to fall under the train
-Deak shoots Wilkins in the helicopter
-Kelly shoots up the helicopter, causing it to crash and explode, killing the pilot
-Hale fights with Shepherd and causes him to fall off the train
-Hale sabotaged the helicopter’s gas lines, blowing up the pilot and causing another mercenary to fly off the train
-Hale kicks Kelly out of the train
-Terry shoots the engineer, causing him to fall on the train brakes, which slams the train into the boxcars and causes the nuclear missile to fly into Deak and blow him up