Bad Blood [Viper] (1995) Body Count Breakdown

Bad Blood [Viper] (1995) Body Count Breakdown by H83tr3d


Travis Blackstone (Lorenzo Lamas) : 49
Chang (Joe Son) : 5**
Bo (Beau Starr) : 2**
Franklin Blackstone (Hank Cheyne) : 1
Rhonda (Frankie Thorn) : 1
Thug (Joe Davis) : 1
Toots (Chuck Zito) : 1


“Its All About Trust , Mr Blackstone” : 1
-Thug(Davis) guns down a police officer

Magic Trick : 3
-Chang assassinates MacArthur , his wife and his daughter Lisa

No More Mistakes : 1
-Bo executes a thug for failing him

Hotel Shootout : 6
-Toots makes one of the thugs shoot another*
-Travis shoots 3 thugs in the hotel lobby
-Franklin shoots a thug in the hotel back alley
-Travis shoots another thug in back alley

Hot Pursuit : 5
-Travis impales a thug with a rod in the condemned building
-Travis shoots 2 more thugs in the condemned building
-Travis shoots 2 more thugs outside of the building

“I’ll Be In Touch” : 1
-Travis shoots a thug who was about to run him over (he steered into a parked car and exploded , but he was dead before it)

Zen Killer : 2
-Bo beats Preacher to death with a hammer
-John Blackstone is shown dead , killed offscreen **

Payback : 42
-Travis makes Baggy shoot 2 thugs holding Franklin and Rhonda as hostages
-Travis guns down 2 thugs while Franklin and Rhonda flee
-Travis shotgunned 1 thug and finished of another he shot moments ago (yellow suit)
-Travis guns down 6 thugs in rapid succession
-Travis mows down 1 thug with SMG , causes an explosion which blasts 2 more and then mows down 1 thug next to 2 previous ones
-Travis catapults a gas can , shotguns it , resulting a fire which burns at least 3 thugs dead, blasts 2 other with shotgun and finally he blasts a pickup truck’s gas reservoir , sending 1 thug on top of the truck flying (dead , of course) and another is seen briefly on the left side of the screen , blown by the shockwave
-Travis guns down 5 more thugs inside the factory
-Rhonda shoves Baggy into electric power lines , who is promptly sent flying across the room into a chroming pool
-Travis guns down 2 more thugs in the factory , then blows another off of a forklift (I deem the blast volume lethal)
-Chang finishes off Bo (he was sent trough a block wall by Travis via forklift and would of probably died anyway , but since Chang finished him off , it’s entirely his kill)
-Travis guns down 2 more thugs
-Travis shoots out explosive barrels , blasting 2 thugs dead (it should be noted that some barrels a few rows back were lit up by thugs themselves , but these particular barrels were lit up by Travis , so those are his kills)
-Travis guns down 2 more thugs (one of which is greatly obscured by Travis to the left of the screen but you can see him if you pause)
-Travis guns down 2 final thugs in the factory
-Chang executes Lindee after she refused to kill Travis
-Travis sticks Chang to a giant hook above the chroming pool , sending him hanging over the pool before he finally falls to his death


*After he shoots a thug , Rhonda flees and Toots and the other thug are last seen struggling over a gun … What happened to either one of them is completely beyond me
**While I count it as a death , John Blackstone is killed by either Bo , Chang or one thug seen holding John hostage minutes prior to his death … I’m open to discuss this , since I honestly don’t know who killed him (no reference afterwards)
Travis knocked out some 10 people in the film but did not actually kill any of them