Avatar (2009) Body Count Breakdown

Avatar (2009) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Jake Sully (Sam Worthington): 25
Tsu’tey (Laz Alonso): 6
Neytiri (Zoe Saldana): 4
Quaritch (Stephen Lang): 1
Norm (Joel David Moore): 1


Assault On Home Tree: 39
-Marines blow up 22 Na’vi with rockets
-16 Na’vi are crushed by the tree
-Eytukan dies of his wound

Escape: 1
-Quaritch shoots Grace

Battle For Pandora: 106
-Jake crashes a aircraft, killing 4 soldiers
-Neytiri arrows 2 soldiers
-Tsu’tey arrows 2 soldiers
-Soldiers mow down 16 Na’vi
-Norm shoots 1 soldier
-Soldiers shoot down 13 Na’vi
-Jake crashes 2 more aircrafts, killing 8 more soldiers
-Soldiers shoot down 13 Na’vi
-Jake shoots 1 soldier in his aircraft
-Neytiri arrows 1 more soldier
-Soldiers blow up 3 more Na’vi
-Tsu’tey arrows 2 soldiers
-Tsu’tey throws 2 soldiers from the aircraft to their deaths
-Soldiers shoot 1 Na’vi by Tsu’tey
-Soldiers shoot Tsu’tey and he falls to his death
-Soldiers shoot Norm’s avatar and blow up Trudy
-Bulls kill 6 soldiers
-Other Na’vi creatures kill 8 soldiers
-Jake shoots 4 soldiers
-Jake blows up a ship, killing 5 soldiers
-Jake blows up Quartich’s ship, killing 3 soldiers

Woods: 1
-Neytiri puts 2 arrows into Quaritch