Die Hard 2 (1990) Killcount & Body Count Breakdown

Die Hard 2 (1990)

Starring Bruce Willis, Franco Nero, Robert Patrick, Peter Nelson and Colm Meaney

Willis, Nero and Patrick’s Kills:

Nelson and Meaney’s Kills:

Willis kills 24
Nero kills 4
Patrick kills 1
Nelson kills 54
Meaney kills 54

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Die Hard 2 (1990) Body Count Breakdown redo by Longuecarabine

(Previously done by ASHPD24 and Rorschach94)

[Character Kills]

Thompson (Peter Nelson): 54
Windsor 114 Pilot (Colm Meaney): 54
Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis): 24
General Ramon Esperanza (Franco Nero): 4
Mulkey (Ken Baldwin): 2
Sheldon (Mick Cunningham): 2
Major Grant (John Amos): 1
O’Reilly (Robert Patrick): 1
Baker (Tony Ganios): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

“This is Buckwheat the clubhouse is open”: 1
Baker shoots the church custodian

Baggage Fight: 1
John holds Oswald Cochrane under a baggage roller causing his head to be flattened by it

Annex Skywalk: 9
O’Reilly shoots The SWAT Leader in the head
Sheldon shoots a SWAT officer
A SWAT officer shoots Shockley
Mulkey shoots 2 SWAT officers
Sheldon shoots a SWAT officer
John shoots O’Reilly
John repeatedly slams a rig which overturns it causing Sheldon to fall off and get crushed by it
John shoots Mulkey

“We got you”: 54
Thompson feeds false information to The Windsor 114 Pilot causing him to crash the plane blowing up himself, 2 co-pilots and 51 passengers onboard (Shared)

Foreign Military One: 3
Esperanza strangles a guard with his handcuffs and breaks his neck with his handcuffs
Esperanza shoots 2 pilots

“Freedom”/“Not yet”: 1
John shoots Thompson in the throat

Church: 3
John stabs Baker in the eye with an icicle then breaks it off
John shoots Burke causing him to crash his snowmobile into a pond
John shoots Garber

“Eagle Nest this is Hatchling”: 1
Grant cuts Corporal Telford’s throat with a knife

“Yippee-ki-yay motherfucker”: 16
John kicks Major Grant off a plane’s wing causing him to be sucked into a turbine cutting him to shreds (Unintentionally shared with Esperanza due to him turning the plane and turbine on)
John sets a trail of plane fuel on fire with a lighter causing a plane to explode blowing up Colonel Stuart, General Esperanza, Miller, Kahn and 11 of Stuart and Grant’s men

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

O’Reilly shoots 2 painters in a deleted scene
In total 230 people were killed onboard Windsor 114 but they aren’t shown

[The Final Tally= 89]