Chuck Season 4 Body Count Breakdown

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Chuck Season 4 (2010-2011) Body Count Breakdown by Red Genghis

[Character Kills]

NSA Agent Colonel John Casey/Lieutenant Alexander “Alex” Coburn (Adam Baldwin): 26
CIA Agent Sarah Lisa Walker/Jennifer “Jenny” Burton/Sam Lisa (Yvonne Strahovski): 10
Mary Elizabeth “Frost” Bartowski (Linda Hamilton): 8
Fatima’s Soldier (Tania L. Pearson): 8
CIA Agent Captain Victoria “Vicki” Dunwoody (Stacy Keibler): 8
Mr. Riley (Ray Wise): 8
CIA Agent Captain Richard “Rick” Noble (Isaiah Mustafa): 5
Hugo Panzer (Steve Austin): 4
Mrs. Winterbottom (Millicent Martin): 4
Alexei Volkoff/MI6 Agent Dr. Hartley Winterbottom (Timothy Dalton): 3
Boris Kaminsky (David S. Lee): 3
Heather Chandler/Ratner (Nicole Richie): 2
CIA Agent Damien (Mousa Hussein Kraish): 2
Sofia Stepanova (Karolina Kurkova): 1
USMC First Sergeant Tim “T.I.” Isaacs (Dave Bautista): 1
USMC Corporal Sean Mackintosh (Joel David Moore): 1
USMC Sergeant Major Kyle Packard (Eric Roberts): 1
CIA Agent Charles Irving “Chuck” Bartowski (Zachary Levi): 1
CIA Agent James “Jim” Rye (Rob Riggle): 1
Adelbert “The Belgian” De Smet (Richard Chamberlain): 1
Pierre Melville (Jean-Christophe Febbrari): 1
Director Of National Intelligence Brigadier General Diane Beckman (Bonita Friedericy): 1
DEA Special Agent Carina Miller (Mini Anden): 1
Vivian McArthur Volkoff (Lauren Cohan): 1
CIA Agent Lewis (James Francis Ginty): 1
CIA Agent Josie (Karissa Vacker): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Episode 1 “Chuck Versus The Anniversary”: 5

“Well, it all seemed a bit anticlimactic”: 2
-Volkoff’s men accidentally shoot 2 of their friends while firing at Chuck off-screen (the sounds of gunfire and their death screams are heard over the radio, and Chuck is unarmed and mentions only using kung fu)

“Please, I have a family” “So do I”: 3
-Mary shoots one of Volkoff’s men with another’s gun
-Mary shoots another of Volkoff’s men with his own gun
-Mary finishes off Marco with a headshot

Episode 2 “Chuck Versus The Suitcase”: 1

Milan opening: 1
-Stepanova shoots the CIA agent chasing her in the head around a corner with a smart bullet that guides itself to the target

Episode 3 “Chuck Versus The Cubic Z”: 7

Cell escape: 2
-Panzer stabs Guard #2 in the throat with a newspaper rolled up into a point
-A CIA commando is seen dead when Sarah and Chuck arrive, killed by Panzer

“She’s indisposed”: 2
-Guard #1 and the last CIA commando are seen dead, killed by Panzer

“That was my last bullet”: 3
-Sarah shoots one of Volkoff’s men disguised as a CIA commando
-Sarah and Heather shoot one of Volkoff’s men (shared)
-Heather shoots the last one of Volkoff’s men sneaking up behind Sarah

Episode 5 “Chuck Versus The Couch Lock”: 3

Iran, 1999 / “That was easy”: 3
-T.I. shoots the Iranian Sergeant (it’s unknown exactly who shot who, so each is being credited with one kill)
-Mackintosh shoots Iranian Soldier #2
-Packard shoots the last Iranian soldier

Episode 6 “Chuck Versus The Aisle Of Terror”: 1

Insanity in the Buy More: 1
-Mary shoots Sarah Walker in the back+

Episode 7 “Chuck Versus The First Fight”: 2

“Here, catch”: 1
-Volkoff, while posing as an MI6 agent, throws a knife for Chuck to catch, accidentally hitting The Burly Russian in the back instead

Bank fight: 1
-Chuck and Sarah smash two of Volkoff’s men they’re fighting into each other, causing one of them to break his neck on the other’s shoulder (a thud and a loud crack are heard when they meet, meaning only one had their neck broken; shared)

Episode 8 “Chuck Versus The Fear Of Death”: 2

“Well, let’s find out”: 2
-Rye shoots one of de Smet’s men
-de Smet shoots Jim Rye in the back and he falls out of the cable car to his death

Episode 9 “Chuck Versus Phase Three”: 4

“Now, where’s Chuck?”: 1
-Sarah kicks Sanouk over the head, breaking his neck (a loud crack is heard)

Hideout rescue: 3
-Casey breaks one of de Smet’s men’s necks
-Argo and Thomas are seen dead, killed by Sarah and Casey (one kill each)

Episode 10 “Chuck Versus The Leftovers”: 4

“Come with me if you wanna live”: 3
-Mary shoots Hercule
-Mary shoots Victor
-Mary shoots Pierre

Buy More showdown: 1
-Casey pistol whips one of Volkoff’s men over the back of the head, breaking his neck (a crack is heard)

Episode 11 “Chuck Versus The Balcony”: 3

Loire Valley vineyard, France / “The chip isn’t here”: 1
-Pierre shoots CIA Agent Rosenbaum in the back

“I can’t stand this country”: 2
-Casey shoots Mohawk and another of Pierre’s men in the back

Episode 12 “Chuck Versus The Gobbler”: 3

“Fair question”: 1
-Sarah kicks one of Volkoff’s men in the face, breaking his neck (a crack is heard)

“What are you looking at?”: 1
-Sarah kicks Inmate #1 in the back of the neck, breaking his neck (a crack is heard)

“No, very disappointed”: 1
-Volkoff shoots Yuri “The Gobbler” Gobrienko in the head

Episode 13 “Chuck Versus The Push Mix”: 4

“No one touches my Frost”: 1
-Volkoff shoots one of his own men for hitting Mary

Rescuing Mary: 3
-Mary forces one of Volkoff’s men to shoot another in the back
-Sarah uses one of Volkoff’s men as a human shield and another of Volkoff’s men shoots him (shared)
-Sarah shoots one of Volkoff’s men with her human shield’s gun

Episode 14 “Chuck Versus The Seduction Impossible”: 13

“Thanks for the gold”: 8
-Fatima’s Soldier and three more of Fatima’s henchwomen shoot Saoud Al Habi, the other 3 of Fatima’s financiers and their 4 bodyguards (shared)

“Duck”: 5
-Casey shoots 3 of Fatima’s henchwomen through a hole in the wall he’s hiding in
-Casey shoots Fatima’s Soldier through a hole in the wall he’s hiding in
-Beckman blows up the wall to Fatima Tazi’s bedroom with a missile launcher, blowing her across the room and killing her

Episode 15 “Chuck Versus The Cat Squad”: 1

Introducing the CAT Squad: 1
-Carina shoots a thug

Episode 16 “Chuck Versus The Masquerade”: 13

Eliminating Volkoff’s lieutenants: 3
-Boris shoots Jurek in the back of the head in Samara, Russia
-Boris shoots Antonia in Perugia, Italy
-Boris kills Christoph off-screen in Bremen, Germany (confirmed in dialogue)

Manor estate attack: 10
-Casey snipes one of Boris’ men in the back as he’s about to execute Sarah
-Casey snipes 3 of Boris’ men
-Casey snipes one of Boris’ men and he falls out of a tree
-Casey snipes 4 more of Boris’ men
-Vivian shoots Boris Kaminsky with a shotgun

Episode 18 “Chuck Versus The A-Team”: 16

Warehouse arrest: 6
-Dunwoody shoots 2 of Necati’s men
-Noble shoots 2 of Necati’s men
-Dunwoody shoots one of Necati’s men and he falls off the walkway
-The last one of Necati’s men drops dead, shot off-screen by Noble

Briefing: 4
-4 men are seen dead, shot by Dragan’s men during a plane theft in 2006*

“Welcome to America, Mr. Pichushkin”: 6
-Noble and Dunwoody shoot one of Dragan’s men (shared)
-Noble shoots 2 of Dragan’s men, one of which is also shot by Dunwoody (shared)
-Dunwoody shoots the last 2 of Dragan’s men with dual pistols
-Dunwoody shoots Dragan Pichushkin in the back with dual pistols

Episode 19 “Chuck Versus The Muuurder”: 4

Murder in the cell block: 1
-Damien stabs Agent Brody in the chest with a knife

The assumed killer: 1
-Lewis stabs Agent Brody in the chest with a knife^

Intersect room: 1
-Agent Lewis is seen dead, strangled with a garrotte by Damien until his throat is slit

The real killer revealed: 1
-Josie stabs Agent Brody in the chest with a knife^

Episode 20 “Chuck Versus The Family Volkoff”: 2

Meeting set-up: 2
-Vivian’s men snipe 2 of her own bodyguards

Episode 22 “Chuck Versus Agent X”: 8

“I feel so bad for those mercenaries right now.” “You ought to. They’re dead.”: 4
-Casey breaks one of Vivian’s men’s necks
-Casey shoots one of Vivian’s men in the back
-Casey knocks out another of Vivian’s men then shoots him while unconscious
-Casey shoots the last one of Vivian’s men in the back as he’s about to shoot Morgan and Devon

“You remind me of my son. He didn’t care much for guns either.”: 4
-Mrs. Winterbottom pulls the knitting thread she attached to a grenade’s pin, detonating it and setting off the nearby C4 charge, blowing up the safehouse and killing Jasmine and 3 of Vivian’s men

Episode 23 “Chuck Versus The Last Details”: 13

Testing the Norseman: 1
-Mr. Riley uses the Norseman on The Scientist, causing a fatal radiation poisoning

“But truth is… it’s an advantage I intend to keep” / “Next one is yours, promise”: 11
-Mr. Riley uses the Norseman on The Villain and 5 other potential Norseman buyers, causing a fatal radiation poisoning
-Mr. Riley shoots MI6 Agent Sebastian Carlisle, who is posing as one of the buyers
-Casey snipes all 4 of Vivian’s crime scene cleaners through a closed blind

Confronting Vivian: 1
-Sarah shoots Mr. Riley as he’s about to shoot Chuck

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

*Kills seen during one of Chuck’s Intersect flashes.
+This kill is an imagined kill while Chuck is hallucinating under the effects of Wheelwright’s fear gas.
^These are kills seen during Chuck’s imagined versions of how the murders went down.
-No kills in episodes 4 “Chuck Versus the Coup d’Etat”, 17 “Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil”, 21 “Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner” and 24 “Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger”.
-Many, many beatings and knockouts throughout the season, but nothing lethal.
-In episode 1, Sarah and Casey are seen firing at several of Volkoff’s men including Marco before it cuts away, but since Marco is seen again later, the others might have survived as well.
-In episode 2, Beckman and Casey mention the time he stabbed a guy with a stiletto at a Yves Saint Laurent fashion show as why he can’t go on the mission.
-In episode 5, Morgan throws an electrical cable into a pool of water he, Packard, T.I. and Mackintosh are standing in, electrocuting all of them, but Casey mentions afterwards that all of them survived but “a little crispy”.
-In episode 12, Yuri is mentioned to have gotten his nickname from eating people and his sheer brutality, as shown with some unseen photos of his victims that cause Chuck and Morgan to react with disgust and Casey to be impressed.
-In episode 13, Volkoff mentions having to throw Andre off of a 30-floor building in Budapest for his failure.
-In episode 17, Beckman mentions that several agents had died while trying to infiltrate the First Bank of Macau.
-In episode 19, Lewis mentions he got his knife after killing an IRA bomb maker and taking it from him.
-In episode 21, it’s mentioned that Artur Novokov blew up three US embassies the previous week.
-In episode 23, one of Vivian’s men mentions he once broke a man’s neck in order to impress a woman.
-In episode 23, Mr. Riley mentions that one of the auction buyers killed the families of all his rivals, and another buyer gassed an entire village to kill one man.

[The Final Tally= 109]