Chuck Season 3 Body Count Breakdown

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Chuck Season 3 (2010) Body Count Breakdown by Red Genghis

[Character Kills]

NSA Agent Colonel John Casey/Lieutenant Alexander “Alex” Coburn (Adam Baldwin): 12
Rafe Gruber (Johnny Messner): 9
CIA Agent Charles “Chuck” Bartowski (Zachary Levi): 7
Juan Diego Arnaldo (Carlos Lacamara): 6
CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw (Brandon Routh): 6
Javier Cruz (Adoni Maropis): 5
Jack Artman (Andrew Connolly): 5
CIA Agent Sarah Walker/Jennifer “Jenny” Burton/Sam Lisa (Yvonne Strahovski): 5
Hugo Panzer (Steve Austin): 3
Karl Stromberg (Vinnie Jones): 1
Ian (N/A): 1
The Ring Manager (Bob McCracken): 1
CIA Agent Hunter Perry (Kyle Bornheimer): 1
The Ring Agent (Roger Cross): 1
Dr. Devon Christian “Captain Awesome” Woodcomb (Ryan McPartlin): 1
CIA Agent Morgan Guillermo Grimes (Joshua Gomez): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Episode 1 “Chuck Versus The Pink Slip”: 10

El Bucho restaurant: 4
-3 men are seen dead under sheets, shot by Javier*
-Another man is seen dead under a sheet, shot in the head by Javier*

“Where can I find this man?”: 1
-Javier shoots Emmett Milbarge in the eye

Mexico rescue: 5
-Casey shoots 2 Ring operatives with a minigun from a helicopter
-Casey shoots a pickup truck with the minigun until it blows up, killing a Ring operative using it as cover
-Casey shoots another Ring operative with the minigun
-Casey shoots Javier Cruz with the minigun

Episode 2 “Chuck Versus The Three Words”: 1

“Yeah, can I call you back? I’m just in the middle of something for work.”: 1
-Stromberg finishes off the courier he’s chasing with a gunshot to the head

Episode 3 “Chuck Versus The Angel De La Muerte”: 6

UCLA Medical Center, 2000: 1
-Mason Wallace’s dead body is seen on a morgue slab

Consulate party: 5
-An ex-KGB officer is seen dead in the street, poisoned by Artman*
-A dead body is seen under a sheet, poisoned by Artman*
-2 dead bodies are seen, killed by Artman*
-Another dead body is seen under a sheet, poisoned by Artman*

Episode 4 “Chuck Versus Operation Awesome”: 4

“Like I said, I hate guns. But it pays to know how to use one.”: 4
-Casey shoots a Ring operative
-Chuck connects a pair of jumper cables attached to a car battery to a metal cage after Ian grabs the door handle, causing it to electrocute Ian
-Ian accidentally shoots Glen in his electricity-induced spasms (shared since Chuck electrocuted him)
-Shaw shoots Sydney Prince in the back

Episode 5 “Chuck Versus First Class”: 4

First Class to Paris: 3
-Panzer strangles a man with a plastic tube*
-Panzer strangles a man with a chain*
-Panzer strangles another man with a plastic tube*

Luggage bay: 1
-A dead body is seen inside the metal casket as a mission prop

Episode 6 “Chuck Versus The Nacho Sampler”: 2

“Just like Bartowski. Brings a knife to a gunfight.”: 2
-Chuck throws the knife-pen into The Ring Manager’s hand, causing his gun to go off and shoot The Ring Agent (shared)
-Casey shoots a Ring operative in the chest then pistol-whips him unconscious, leaving him to bleed out off-screen

Episode 7 “Chuck Versus The Mask”: 1

“Same thing I’m going to do to you”: 1
-A Ring operative shoots Nikos Vasillis in the back for his failure

Episode 8 “Chuck Versus The Fake Name”: 10

Briefing: 5
-A man is seen dead, throat slit by Gruber*
-A man is seen dead, sniped in the back by Gruber*
-2 men are seen dead, killed by Gruber*
-A final man is seen dead, sniped in the head by Gruber*

Escape: 2
-Gruber kills the 2 CIA agents escorting him in the SUV off-screen (confirmed in dialogue)

Sniper spot: 2
-Gruber shoots Matty in the head
-Gruber shoots Scotty

“Five people in the world can make this shot, huh? Guess I’m one of them.”: 1
-Casey snipes Rafe Gruber in the head from half a mile away

Episode 10 “Chuck Versus The Tic Tac”: 4

“Five against one”: 4
-Sarah throws a knife into a Ring operative’s leg then shoots him
-Sarah shoots 2 more Ring operatives
-Casey strangles Colonel James Keller with one hand until his neck ends up breaking

Episode 11 “Chuck Versus The Final Exam”: 3

“Your services are no longer needed”: 1
-Hunter stabs FSB Agent Anatoli Zevolvski in the chest

Railyard chase: 1
-Casey shoots CIA Agent Hunter Perry so that Chuck can pass his test

Flashback / Sarah’s red test: 1
-Sarah shoots CIA Agent Evelyn Shaw

Episode 12 “Chuck Versus The American Hero”: 4

“Would you do me a favor? Just move one step?”: 1
-The Ring Agent shoots The Morgue Clerk in the head

Underground Ring base: 3
-Chuck throws the tracker for the stealth bomber that Shaw activated onto the floor and the stealth bomber blows up the warehouse, killing The Ring Agent and 2 Ring operatives Chuck knocked out inside (three-way shared)

Episode 13 “Chuck Versus The Other Guy”: 1

Paris rescue: 1
-Casey shoots The Ring Director’s bodyguard off-screen (their gunfight is heard and Casey is seen later with only the unconscious Director)

Episode 14 “Chuck Versus The Honeymooners”: 6

Dining car: 6
-4 men are seen dead, stabbed and throats slit by Arnaldo*
-A man is seen dead under a sheet, shot in the head by Arnaldo*
-Another man is seen dead, killed by Arnaldo*

Episode 16 “Chuck Versus The Tooth”: 4

“Shaw?”: 1
-Chuck shoots Daniel Shaw with dual pistols and he falls into a fountain, before he falls into the bottomless water in it+

“Looks like it’s good we came”: 2
-Sarah shoots one of Kowambe’s men
-Casey shoots the other one of Kowambe’s men

“It means I’m still alive”: 1
-Shaw strangles Charles “Chuck” Bartowski to death+

Episode 18 “Chuck Versus The Subway”: 1

“Really? How you feeling now?”: 1
-Shaw shoots Stephen J. “Orion” Bartowski

Episode 19 “Chuck Versus The Ring: Part II”: 1

“I hit a button” “Well, un-hit it”: 1
-Devon presses a button in Casey’s car that accidentally activates the hidden missile’s targeting system and Morgan presses the other button, accidentally firing the missile and sending it into the CIA armored transport van, flipping it in the explosion and killing the corrupt CIA agent driving it (shared)

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

*These kills are seen during Chuck’s Intersect flashes.
+These kills are seen in Intersect-caused nightmares Chuck keeps having.
-No kills in episodes 9 “Chuck Versus the Beard”, episode 15 “Chuck Versus the Role Models” and episode 17 “Chuck Versus the Living Dead”.
-Many beatings and knockouts throughout the season, but nothing lethal.
-Several non-lethal gunshots throughout the season.
-In episode 3, Premier Goya mentions Casey shooting him in the spleen in 1983 and blowing up his dog in 1988.
-In episode 4, Casey is last seen in a shootout with a The Ring operative but the end result is not seen and his fate isn’t mentioned, leaving the operative’s fate unknown.
-In episode 5, Shaw mentions that Serena previously used her poison to kill the Syrian Ambassador in Berlin.
-In episode 6, it looks like Sarah breaks a Ring operative’s neck, including loud cracking when the neck is twisted, but the same operative is seen stood up with his gun just after before Chuck knocks him out, meaning he must have survived.
-In episode 10, it’s revealed that Casey / Coburn faked his death in Honduras in 1989 in order to become Casey as we know him.
-In episode 11, the briefing mentions that the information Hunter sold to The Ring resulted in the death of 9 CIA agents and hundreds of civilians.
-In episode 13, Shaw fakes the death of The Ring Director and several Ring operatives using blanks and blood bags.
-In episode 13, Chuck shoots Shaw several times and he falls off a bridge but he is revealed to have survived in episode 17.
-In episode 14, one of Chuck’s Intersect flashes mentions that Arnaldo was responsible for a bombing in Spain that killed 38 and injured another 94.
-In episode 14, the Interpol agents reveal that their replacement team was found dead 10 minutes earlier after being killed by Elia’s men and replaced.
-In episode 15, Justin decapitates a snake with a machete.
-In episode 18, stock footage of the Alexis White Intersect flash from season 2, episode 15 is shown when Shaw flashes.

[The Final Tally= 62]