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Chuck Season 2 (2008-2009) Body Count Breakdown by Red Genghis

[Character Kills]

NSA Agent Major/Colonel John Casey (Adam Baldwin): 19
CIA Agent Sarah Walker/Jennifer “Jenny” Burton/Sam Lisa (Yvonne Strahovski): 12
CIA Director Langston Graham (Tony Todd): 7
Mr. Colt (Michael Clarke Duncan): 7
Stephen J. “Orion” Bartowski (Scott Bakula): 7
Miles (Tug Coker): 7
Sasha “The Black Widow” Banacheck (Melinda Clarke): 5
Sergei Andropov (N/A): 4
Alexis White (Katrina Law): 4
Rashad Ahmad (N/A): 4
Juliette (Bianca Roe): 3
CIA Agent Barry “Wolf Den” Rommell (Zach Hanks): 3
Cliff Arculin (Brian Thompson): 3
CIA Agent Alexandra “Alex” Forrest (Tricia Helfer): 3
Ömer Koray (N/A): 2
Natalija Elita (N/A): 2
Andrei Booriakin (Patrik Stanek): 2
Farrokh Bulsara (Faran Tahir): 2
FBI Special Agent Edgar Winterborne (Mark Pellegrino): 2
LAPD Lieutenant Frank Mauser (Michael Rooker): 2
Achmed Gambir (Nicholas Guilak): 2
“Smooth” Lau (Jennifer Jalene): 2
Duncan (Vince Duvall): 2
Ty Bennett (Carl Lumbly): 1
Brad White (Andy Richter): 1
Dr. Dennis Berry (N/A): 1
Joe Lucky (Andrew C. Lim): 1
Needles (Wesley John): 1
MI6 Agent Cole Barker (Jonathan Cake): 1
‘Uncle’ Bernie “The Carnivore” Ominsky (Ken Davitian): 1
CIA Agent Charles “Chuck” Irving Bartowski (Zachary Levi): 1
Vincent Smith (Arnold Vosloo): 1
Army Commando #1 (Antonio D. Charity): 1
Barber/Army Commando #2 (Jeremy Clark): 1
CIA Agent Bryce Larkin (Matt Bomer): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Episode 1 “Chuck Versus The First Date”: 11

Restaurant ambush: 4
-2 people are seen dead, shot by Ömer*
-A woman is seen dead, throat slit by Natalija*
-Another woman is seen dead, stabbed in the stomach by Natalija*

-A CIA technician places the fake Cipher, swapped out for the real one off-screen by Mr. Colt, into the Intersect and CIA Director Langston Graham activates it, causing the Intersect to overload and explode, blowing up Langston and 6 other CIA agents (three-way shared)

Episode 2 “Chuck Versus The Seduction”: 5

Briefing: 4
-Sasha slits a construction worker’s throat in a photograph
-A man is seen dead under a bed sheet in a photograph, stabbed by Sasha (blood is seen on top of the sheet)
-Sasha stabs a man in the stomach on a staircase in a photograph
-A man is seen dead in a shower in a photograph, stabbed by Sasha

Hotel room: 1
-A man is seen dead, stabbed and slashed by Sasha*

Episode 3 “Chuck Versus The Break-Up”: 5

Bogota, Colombia, 2005 / “Yeah, I got it”: 1
-Sarah shoots The Colombian holding Bryce hostage in the head

Party: 2
-A dead body is seen under a sheet, shot in the head by Juliette*
-A dead man is seen, throat slit by Juliette*

“I think I’ll just take my chip”: 1
-Juliette shoots Von Hayes’ bodyguard

“When you want something done right, you do it yourself”: 1
-Casey shoots Juliette from behind as she holds Chuck hostage

Episode 4 “Chuck Versus The Cougars”: 6

High school reunion: 6
-A man is seen dead underneath a sheet, shot in the head by Andrei*
-Another man is seen dead underneath a sheet, shot in the back by Andrei*
-4 people are seen dead on a street, killed by Sergei*

Episode 5 “Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer”: 2

Buy More: 1
-Farrokh is seen about to cut a hooded man’s throat with a kitchen knife in a photograph*

“I hope the machine doesn’t give you too much trouble”: 1
-Farrokh’s timebomb on the arcade machine blows up Mr. Morimoto

Episode 6 “Chuck Versus The Ex”: 22

Conference: 18
-18 dead bodies are seen in body bags, killed by the influenza-based bioweapon made by Cole-MacGregor Pharmaceuticals*

Waldron Hotel: 3
-Rommell slits a man’s throat in a bathroom*
-Rommell shoots a man in the back of the head*
-Rommell throws Dr. Guy LaFleur out of a window and he lands on the top of the CIA van

Conference attack: 1
-Sarah shoots CIA Agent Barry Rommell

Episode 7 “Chuck Versus The Fat Lady”: 3

“Well, never get a day off when you need it”: 2
-Edgar shoots an FBI agent
-Edgar shoots FBI Agent #1

Opera house exchange: 1
-Sarah hits a Fulcrum operative with his own sniper rifle, knocking him off a balcony to his death

Episode 9 “Chuck Versus The Sensei”: 1

Global Launch Agency robbery: 1
-Bennett shoots a cop with his own gun*

Episode 10 “Chuck Versus The DeLorean”: 3

“If I did that to him, imagine what I’ll do to you”: 3
-Casey shoots one of Sheikh Amad’s men
-Casey shoots Thug #1
-Sarah shoots the last one of Sheikh Amad’s men

Episode 11 “Chuck Versus Santa Claus”: 3

The plot thickens: 2
-The Peruvian Ambassador is seen dead, shot by Mauser*
-Another man is seen dead, killed by Mauser*

Christmas tree lot: 1
-Sarah shoots Lieutenant Frank Mauser in the head in cold blood

Episode 12 “Chuck Versus The Third Dimension”: 4

“It’s a nightmare”: 1
-Sarah stabs Charles “Chuck” Bartowski with a kitchen knife+

“Little too much to drink there, pal. Let’s get you some coffee.”: 3
-Achmed stabs 2 security bouncers with a wrist-mounted spring-loaded knife
-Casey breaks Achmed Gambir’s neck

Episode 13 “Chuck Versus The Suburbs”: 6

Carmichael house: 3
-A CIA agent is seen dead, shot by Cliff*
-2 CIA agents are seen dead, blown up by Cliff*

The truth about Meadow Branch: 2
-A woman is seen dead, killed by Brad*
-A man is seen dead, killed by Dennis*

“Somebody call the cable guy?”: 1
-Casey activates the Fulcrum Intersect, causing it to overload Brad White’s brain and killing him

Episode 14 “Chuck Versus The Best Friend”: 4

Restaurant: 3
-3 thugs are seen dead, shot by “Smooth” Lau, Joe Lucky and Needles (one kill each)*

Car dealership: 1
-“Smooth” Lau stabs a thug with a knife*

Episode 15 “Chuck Versus The Beefcake”: 8

“Hey. Come with me if you wanna live.”: 3
-Casey shoots John Kemp
-Casey shoots William Whitmore
-Cole shoots the valve off the hotel’s gas tank on the roof with dual pistols, causing it to explode and blowing up the Fulcrum helicopter, killing the pilot

Buy More: 3
-Alexis is seen torturing a woman to death off-screen*
-Alexis cuts open a man’s chest with a knife as part of his torture*
-Alexis slits a man’s throat with a machete*

“Fulcrum wins”: 1
-Alexis White injects herself with a syringe of ricin, killing herself

Kidnapping: 1
-A Fulcrum operative disguised as a motorcycle cop shoots the CIA agent driving Cole in the head

Episode 16 “Chuck Versus The Lethal Weapon”: 4

Laboratory: 4
-Duncan shoots The Attendant
-Casey shoots a Fulcrum operative
-Duncan shoots Dr. Howard “Perseus” Busgang
-Sarah shoots Duncan in the back

Episode 17 “Chuck Versus The Predator”: 7

-Stephen’s hacked drone blows up the apartment with a missile, killing Agent #1 and 3 other Fulcrum operatives

Apartment building: 3
-Stephen’s hacked drone blows up the helicopter with a missile, killing the pilot, Stephen’s body double and a Fulcrum operative seen onboard

Episode 18 “Chuck Versus The Broken Heart”: 7

Hospital: 4
-Rashad’s bomb in the gas tank blows up a military truck, killing 2 soldiers seen onboard*
-Rashad’s bomb in the engine blows up a tank, killing the driver*
-Rashad’s bomb in the tail rotor blows up a helicopter, killing the pilot*

Bank rescue: 3
-Forrest shoots 2 of Zamir’s men
-Forrest shoots The Terrorist Bodyguard

Episode 19 “Chuck Versus The Dream Job”: 1

Bartowski house: 1
-A Roark Industries employee is seen dead, killed by Fulcrum*

Episode 20 “Chuck Versus The First Kill”: 12

Roberts house: 2
-Bernie shoots a man in a parking garage*
-Bernie “The Carnivore” Ominsky suffers a fatal heart attack after having chased Chuck and Jill around the house

“Looks like I passed that test” / “That’s for flunking me”: 10
-Casey smashes a Fulcrum operative over the head with his own shotgun, breaking his neck (a crack is heard)
-Sarah shoots 2 Fulcrum operatives
-Casey shoots 2 Fulcrum operatives through a window with a shotgun
-Sarah shoots another 2 Fulcrum operatives with dual pistols
-Bill Bergey slips on some glass shards and Chuck sticks his leg out, causing him to trip over it and fall through a window frame to his death (Chuck’s kill)
-Casey shoots The Proctor
-Casey shoots the last Fulcrum operative

Episode 21 “Chuck Versus The Colonel”: 8

“Uh oh, Walker. You’re out of ammo.”: 3
-Vincent shoots a man and steals his car*
-Casey drops a radiator on a Fulcrum operative’s head, killing him (a loud clunk is heard)
-Sarah and Casey shoot a Fulcrum operative (shared)

Abandoned drive-in: 5
-A man is seen dead in a photograph, killed by Fulcrum operatives
-The F-16 missile attack blows up the projector booth, killing the unconscious Vincent Smith and an unconscious Fulcrum operative inside
-The F-16 missile attack blows up the underground bunker in the background, killing the unconscious Guard #1 and Guard #2 inside

Episode 22 “Chuck Versus The Ring”: 17

“I believe we’ve met before”: 2
-2 catering staff are seen dead, shot by Fulcrum operatives for their uniforms

“You rang”: 7
NOTE: The kills done by Casey’s soldiers are done without the direct shooter being seen, so I’m splitting the kills for one of each of Casey’s four-man squad.
-Casey’s soldiers shoots a Fulcrum operative
-Casey and one of his soldiers shoot a Fulcrum operative off-screen (his shadow is seen falling on the wall; shared)
-Casey and one of his soldiers shoot another Fulcrum operative (shared)
-Casey shoots a Fulcrum operative
-Casey’s soldiers shoot 2 Fulcrum operatives
-Casey shoots the last Fulcrum operative

Prison execution: 1
-Miles shoots Theodore “Ted” Roark

“I’m not with Fulcrum”: 3
-Miles shoots Barber / Army Commando #2, Army Commando #1 and the remaining member of Casey’s team off-screen (the shots are heard and bodies are seen when Casey runs in)

“Mr. Larkin”: 4
-Bryce uses Ominous Agent #1 as a human shield and Miles shoots him in the back (shared)
-2 CIA security guards are seen dead, killed by The Ring operatives
-Bryce Larkin dies from a gunshot wound to the abdomen inflicted by Miles through his human shield

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

*Kills seen during Chuck’s flashes in the Intersect.
+Imagined kills during a dream.
-No kills in episode 8 “Chuck Versus the Gravitron”.
-Many, many knockouts and beatings throughout the season, but nothing lethal.
-Several non-lethal gunshots throughout the season.
-In episode 1, Morgan mentions shooting a member of the opposing team in the head during their game of Call of Duty.
-In episode 3, Hans is last seen being threatened with a poison needle by Sarah and is not mentioned again.
-In episode 3, Casey chases after 4 Fulcrum operatives who stole a bag of money and he is later seen with the bag, leaving their fates unknown.
-In episode 9, footage of a movie where a guy in gold is fighting ninjas with a sword is playing in the background at the Buy More.
-In episode 13, around 8 Fulcrum operatives are in the room when Casey activates the Intersect, and 3 are seen being led away in handcuffs afterwards, but only Brad is confirmed to die, leaving the other’s fates unknown.
-In episode 16, Cole mentions that he killed 12 Fulcrum operatives while escaping from their facility.
-In episode 17, Vincent’s file mentions that he was presumably killed in Afghanistan but he actually faked his death.
-In episode 20, Jill’s parents mention that Jill’s last boyfriend went missing after Bernie decided he didn’t like him, implying he had the boyfriend killed.

[The Final Tally= 139]