Chuck Season 1 Body Count Breakdown

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Chuck Season 1 (2007-2008) Body Count Breakdown by Red Genghis

[Character Kills]

CIA Agent Sarah Walker/Jennifer “Jenny” Burton/Sam Lisa (Yvonne Strahovski): 12
NSA Agent Major John Casey (Adam Baldwin): 9
DGSE Agent Ilsa Trinchina (Ivana Milicevic): 7
CIA Agent Tommy Delgado (Anthony Ruivivar): 6
MSS Agent Mei-Ling Cho (Gwendoline Yeo): 4
Vladimir Snell/Bodyguard #2 (Dmitri S. Boudrine): 4
The MI6 Agent (Neil Dickson): 2
Lazslo Mahnovski (Jonathan Sadowski): 2
CIA Agent Bryce Larkin (Matt Bomer): 2
Riordan Payne (Kevin Weisman): 1
Yari Demetrios (John Kapelos): 1
Lon Kirk (Michael Wiseman): 1
Lizzie Shafai (Noureen DeWulf): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Episode 1 “Pilot”: 5

Facility escape: 1
-Bryce kicks an ODNI officer down the centre of a stairwell to his death, bashing into several railings on the way down

Intersect in the Large Mart: 2
-A train crashes into an SUV, causing it to explode and killing 2 people seen inside.

Intersect surveillance footage: 2
-Sarah forces a thug to shoot another thug (shared)
-Sarah shoots the other thug in the head with his own gun

Episode 2 “Chuck Versus The Helicopter”: 5

Intersect at Chuck’s house: 5
-Sarah kills the 5 French diplomats / assassins running an arms dealing organisation with poisoned food and wine

Episode 3 “Chuck Versus The Tango”: 6

The painting’s journey / “What a piece of crap”: 3
-The first buyer shoots The Art Dealer in an art warehouse in Tehran, Iran
-The second buyer shoots the first buyer in a parking garage at Barajas Airport, Madrid two weeks later
-The MI6 Agent shoots the second buyer in the back at the Miller Art Gallery in Downtown LA

Intersect in the bathroom: 1
-A man is seen dead, throat slit by The MI6 Agent

Art auction rooftop: 1
-Casey shoots one of The MI6 Agent’s men

Hotel room shootout: 1
-Sarah shoots Ivan and he falls off the balcony to his death

Episode 5 “Chuck Versus The Sizzling Shrimp”: 22

Consulate kidnapping: 1
-One of Lo Pan’s men shoots Lee Cho’s driver

Intersect at the club: 16
-9 dead bodies are seen, shot by the Chinese army
-7 more dead bodies are seen under sheets, shot by the Chinese army

Club shootout: 4
-Mei-Ling shoots 4 of Lo Pan’s men with dual pistols

Kitchen fight: 1
-Sarah breaks one of Lo Pan’s men’s necks (a crack is heard)

Episode 6 “Chuck Versus The Sandworm”: 2

Briefing: 2
-2 DARPA agents are seen dead in photos, blown up by the off-screen explosion Lazslo caused in the episode’s opening

Episode 7 “Chuck Versus The Alma Mater”: 4

“Like someone called the cavalry”: 4
-Sarah shoots one of Magnus’ men
-3 of Magnus’ men are seen dead as reinforcements arrive, shot off-screen by Sarah and Casey (1 each and 1 shared kill)

Episode 8 “Chuck Versus The Truth”: 1

Morgue: 1
-Mason Whitney is seen dead, killed by the truth serum poison that Riordan dosed him with

Episode 9 “Chuck Versus The Imported Hard Salami”: 10

Intersect in the warehouse: 4
-Leo Koloff and 3 other men are seen dead, shot by Vladimir / Bodyguard #2

“Well, that settles that”: 6
-Yari shoots Valdimir Snell / Bodyguard #2 in the head
-Casey shoots one of the Demetrios’ men
-Casey shoots Margos Yeremyan / Bodyguard #1
-Casey and the SWAT officers shoot one of the Demetrios’ men (shared)
-Casey shoots the last one of the Demetrios’ men
-Tommy shoots Yari Demetrios with a sniper rifle

Episode 10 “Chuck Versus The Nemesis”: 8

Intersect in the government facility: 5
-5 men are seen dead, killed with a knife by Tommy

Ambush: 2
-One of Tommy’s Fulcrum operatives drives into the side of the CIA car with a van, killing the 2 CIA agents in the front

Buy More fight: 1
-Bryce sweeps one of Tommy’s Fulcrum operative’s leg out from under him while holding onto his shirt, breaking his neck (a crack is heard)

Episode 11 “Chuck Versus The Crown Vic”: 3

Yacht takedown: 3
-Casey strangles one of Kirk’s men in a chokehold then throws him overboard into the water to drown off-screen (the splash is heard)
-Casey punches one of Kirk’s men unconscious and he falls overboard into the water to drown
-Lon Kirk fires the GPS-guided missile launcher while standing in a small corridor, accidentally killing himself in the backblast

Episode 12 “Chuck Versus The Undercover Lover”: 7

Chechnya, 2004: 6
-Ilsa’s bomb blows up the café, killing 2 people outside (her comment later implies she planted it)
-4 more bodies are seen in the street afterwards, blown up by Ilsa’s bomb

Intersect in the hotel room: 1
-Ilsa cuts a man’s throat with a knife

Episode 13 “Chuck Versus The Marlin”: 1

Helipad: 1
-Lizzie shoots Detective Conway / CIA Agent “Long Shore” in the back

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

-No kills in episode 4 “Chuck Versus the Wookiee”.
-Many, many beatings and knockouts throughout the season, but nothing fatal.
-Several non-lethal gunshots to legs and arms throughout the season, but nothing fatal.
-The Intersect uses multiple stock footage from movies throughout the season to represent attacks and explosions.
-Chuck and Morgan are seen playing Gears of War and Call of Duty 4 throughout the season and get several kills in the footage.
-In episode 1, Casey shoots Bryce Larkin but he is brought back with a defibrillator and revealed to have survived in episode 10.
-In episode 1, the NSA SUV crashes into a security bollard and totals it, but since Casey survives the crash, it’s presumed the other agents did as well.
-In episode 2, Oceanic Flight 815 (the one from Lost) is mentioned to have been shot down by a surface-to-air missile.
-In episode 2, Dr. Zarnow fakes his death by blowing up his car with an NSA incinerator phone bomb.
-In episode 2, the fake cover story of Bryce’s death involves him being killed during a robbery.
-In episode 2, the Intersect pictures show 2 more people at the dinner where Sarah killed the diplomats, but they aren’t seen at the table before or after the deaths, so it’s unknown whether they were killed as well.
-In episode 7, Magnus shoots Professor George Fleming in the back with a crossbow, but he is mentioned to have gone to hospital and his ultimate fate is not revealed.
-In episode 9, Stavros mentions having broken a chicken’s neck before while threatening Chuck.
-In episode 9, Chuck mentions that Margos killed an entire family outside of Garava and stole their heirlooms.
-In episode 12, Ilsa fakes her death with the bomb inside a café in Chechnya.
-In episode 12, Federov is mentioned to be responsible for bombing several commuter trains in Paris in 2002.

[The Final Tally= 74]