Chuck Season 5 Body Count Breakdown

Season 4

Chuck Season 5 (2011-2012) Body Count Breakdown by Red Genghis

[Character Kills]

CIA Agent Sarah Lisa Walker-Bartowski/Jennifer “Jenny” Burton/Sam Lisa (Yvonne Strahovski): 37
Colonel John Casey/USMC Lieutenant Alexander “Alex” Coburn (Adam Baldwin): 32
Gertrude Verbanski (Carrie-Anne Moss): 7
Nicholas Quinn (Angus Macfadyen): 7
Daniel Shaw (Brandon Routh): 2
CIA Agent Kieran Ryker (Tim DeKay): 2
CIA Special Agent Robin Cunnings (Rebecca Romijn): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Episode 3 “Chuck Versus The Frosted Tips”: 4

Helipad: 4
-Sarah, Casey, Gertrude and one of Gertrude’s men shoot all 4 of Zorn’s men (one kill each)

Episode 4 “Chuck Versus The Business Trip”: 6

Street confrontation: 6
-Casey shoots one of The Viper’s men who confronted him in the leg then the head
-Casey shoots Jane “The Viper”
-Casey shoots Javier and the remaining 3 of The Viper’s men in quick succession

Episode 5 “Chuck Versus The Hack Off”: 7

“We’ve been made”: 2
-Gertrude snipes 2 of The Cult Leader’s men

Infiltrating The Collective: 2
-Sarah and Gertrude break 2 of Timur’s men’s necks with their legs at the same time (one kill each)

“Don’t worry. I left a little consolation prize.” / “He deserved that”: 3
-Gertrude secretly swaps the Omen Device in CIA Agent Clyde Decker’s pocket with an explosive device and then detonates it, blowing up Decker and 2 of his rogue CIA agents

Episode 6 “Chuck Versus The Curse”: 19

“Looks like you lost your passengers”: 1
-Robin shoots Agent Simms

“Rescuing Bartowskis is our business”: 18
-Sarah shoots CIA Agent Hawk in the back as he’s about to kill Ellie
-Sarah shoots one of Robin’s rogue CIA agents
-Casey shoots one of Robin’s rogue CIA agents
-Sarah shoots another of Robin’s rogue CIA agents
-One of Robin’s rogue CIA agents is seen dead, shot off-screen by Casey
-Casey shoots 2 more of Robin’s rogue CIA agents
-Sarah shoots one of Robin’s rogue CIA agents after switching weapons
-Sarah shoots The Large Agent
-Casey shoots the last one of Robin’s rogue CIA agents
-8 extra of Robin’s rogue CIA agents are seen dead in the aftermath, shot off-screen by Sarah and Casey (4 kills each)

Episode 7 “Chuck Versus The Santa Suit”: 2

Prison breakout: 2
-Shaw breaks CIA Agent Ted’s neck
-Shaw breaks CIA Agent Bill’s neck

Episode 8 “Chuck Versus The Baby”: 20

Budapest, five years earlier / “Next?”: 13
-2 civilians are seen dead, killed by the Hungarian mobsters
-Sarah shoots a Hungarian mobster in the back
-Sarah shoots 8 more Hungarian mobsters with dual pistols after jumping onto the dining table
-Sarah throws a pair of knives into the last 2 Hungarian mobster’s chests

Budapest flashback, part 2: 1
-Ryker accidentally shoots a Hungarian civilian in the back while shooting at Sarah

“What are you looking at?”: 3
-Casey shoots 2 of Ryker’s men
-Ryker pushes The Waiter down the entirety of the foyer staircase, killing him (with added Wilhelm scream)

“I’m not alone”: 3
-Casey shoots 2 of Ryker’s men off-screen (shots are heard and their bodies are seen when Sarah gets outside)
-Sarah impales Kieran Ryker through the back with a kitchen knife

Episode 9 “Chuck Versus The Kept Man”: 12

“Figured it was only a matter of time before that rat Falcone sold me out”: 6
-St. Germaine’s men shoot 3 of Gertrude’s men
-One of St. Germaine’s men snipes one of Gertrude’s men
-St. Germaine’s men shoot the last 2 of Gertrude’s men

“Don’t worry. I wore my seatbelt.”: 6
-Casey shoots 5 of St. Germaine’s men
-Sarah runs over Pedro St. Germaine with a Humvee

Episode 10 “Chuck Versus Bo”: 14

Buy More, Colorado shootout: 3
-Casey shoots one of Quinn’s men
-Sarah shoots one of Quinn’s men
-Casey shoots the last one of Quinn’s men

“It was a trap! Where is he?”: 11
-Casey shoots 3 of Quinn’s men
-Sarah shoots 2 of Quinn’s men standing off-screen (their bodies are seen when the camera shifts)
-Casey shoots another of Quinn’s men
-Sarah shoots 3 more of Quinn’s men while vaulting over a stack
-One of Quinn’s men is seen dead, shot off-screen by Casey
-Sarah sweeps one of Quinn’s men’s leg out from under him with a metal pole and he flips over, causing him to land on his head and breaking his neck

Episode 11 “Chuck Versus The Bullet Train”: 2

Torturing Sarah: 2
-A woman is seen dead, brutally killed and arm chopped off*
-A man is seen dead, shot in the back*

Episode 12 “Chuck Versus Sarah”: 5

“That’s not your call”: 5
-Quinn detonates the explosive that Sarah planted outside the Intersect room, blowing up 5 unconscious DARPA guards in the corridor (shared)

Episode 13 “Chuck Versus The Goodbye”: 3

“I never liked The Ring”: 2
-Quinn shoots Renny’s bodyguard
-Quinn shoots Renny Deutch

Concert hall roof showdown: 1
-Sarah shoots Nicholas Quinn

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

*These kills are seen during Sarah’s Intersect flashes
-No kills in episodes 1 “Chuck Versus the Zoom” and 2 “Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit”.
-Many, many beatings and knockouts but nothing lethal.
-In episode 1, Casey mentions killing 6 of Jean-Claude’s men off-screen before being captured.
-In episode 1, Bale says that Jim “Killer” Burnham got his name from killing 9 people while serving in the French Foreign Legion.
-In episode 2, several gunshots are heard off-screen when Gertrude and her men come to rescue Chuck and Morgan from Karl, but there are no confirmed casualties so they aren’t counted.
-In episode 8, the Budapest flashback ends with Sarah walking down a staircase firing dual SMGS, but the mobsters are not seen and there is an unknown number, so they are not counted.

[The Final Tally= 94]