Vendetta (2022) Killcount and Body Count Breakdown

Vendetta (2022)

Starring Clive Standen, Theo Rossi, Thomas Jane and Bruce Willis

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Standen kills 5
Rossi kills 11
Jane kills 1
Willis kills 2

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Vendetta (2022) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

[Character Kills]

Rory Fetter (Theo Rossi): 11
William Duncan (Clive Standen): 5
Donald “Donnie” Fetter (Bruce Willis): 2
Danny Fetter (Cabot Basden): 1
Dante (Thomas Jane): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Club: 1
Donnie shoots a man

Initiation: 1
Danny shoots Kat Duncan and she dies of her wounds offscreen

Alley: 1
William beats Danny to death with a baseball bat

Street Attack: 1
William breaks Henley’s neck

House: 1
Donnie shoots Jennifer in the head

“You want it open or closed?”: 1
William shoots Zachary in the head

“Just kill me”: 1
William shoots Donnie in the head

“So will I”: 1
Rory shoots one of his own men

Motel: 1
Motel: 1
Rory shoots the clerk in the head

Chop Shop: 9
Rory shoots Roach in the head
Dante shoots Trae
Rory shoots 2 of Roach’s men with dual pistols
A henchwoman’s body is seen having been been shot by Rory
Rory shoots 3 of Roach’s men with dual pistols
Rory shoots one of Roach’s men on the ground

“Got you”: 1
William stabs Rory in the neck with a screwdriver

“Hope it was worth it”: 1
William dies of a gunshot wound inflicted by Rory

[The Final Tally= 20]