Underworld: Evolution (2006) Body Count Breakdown

Underworld: Evolution (2006) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Markus Corvinus (Tony Curran): 26
Selene (Kate Beckinsale): 9
Viktor (Bill Nighy): 4
Michael (Scott Speedman): 3
Amelia (Zita Gorog): 2
William Corvinus (Brian Steele): 1
Alexander Corvinus (Derek Jacobi): 1


Opening Battle: 25
-Amelia kills a Lycan with a crossbow
-Markus kills 2 Lycans
-Viktor kills 2 Lycans
-Lycans kill 3 Vampires
-Viktor decapitates 1 Lycan
-Viktor kills another Lycan
-Markus kills 2 Lycans
-Lycans kill 7 Vampires
-Vampires kill 6 Lycans
-Amelia kills 1 more Lycan

“He Was Not To Be Harmed”: 1

-William kills 1 Vampire

Tomb: 5
-Markus kills 4 henchmen with his wings
-Markus decapitates Kraven

Weapons Cache: 6
-6 death dealers are seen dead, killed by Markus off-screen

“Gotcha”: 5
-Selene stabs 1 Lycan in the eye
-Selene throws the knife into another Lycan’s eye
-Michael tears 1 Lycan’s jaw off
-Selene kills Tanis’ 2 brides

Giving Up: 1
-Markus kill Tanis

Ship Attack: 7
-Markus kills 6 mercenaries
-Markus impales Michael on a sharp post (he comes back to life later)

Flashback: 1
-Markus kills Selene’s mother

“Goodbye”: 1
-Alexander blows up the ship with a bomb, killing himself

Sewer Showdown: 10
-Selene shoots Soren
-Selene shoots 1 Lycan
-Michael punches through 1 Lycan’s chest
-Selene shoots another Lycan
-Selene shoots 1 more Lycan
-Markus pulls down the helicopter with the rope, killing the pilot and gunner
-Michael tears William’s head off with his bare hands
-Selene punches Markus into the helicopter blades, slicing him up