THOR (2011) Bodycount Breakdown

Thor (2011) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09

(previously done by ArnoldVoslooT800)


Thor (Chris Hemsworth): 126
Laufey (Colm Feore): 18
Loki (Tom Hiddleston): 15
King Odin (Anthony Hopkins): 11
Heimdall (Idris Elba): 2
Hogun (Tadanobu Asano): 2
Sif (Jaimie Alexander): 2
Fandral (Joshua Dallas): 2
Volstagg (Ray Stevenson): 1
Queen Frigga (Rene Russo): 1


Norway: 12
Laufey freezes a ship, causing the villager in front to be frozen to death
-Laufey freezes the whole villiage, killing 11 people

Opening Battle: 30
-Asgardians kill 7 Ice Giants
-Frost Giants kill 3 Asgardians
-Laufey kills 1 Asgardian
-5 Frost Giants are seen dead in the background, killed by Odin off-screen (he was the only one near them)
-Odin kills 1 Frost Giant with a spear
-Laufey freezes 2 Asgardians and breaks the apart with his fist (1 onscreen, 1 off)
-Ice Giants kill 3 more Asgardians
-4 dead bodies are seen in the background
-Laufey kills 1 Asgardian with a spiked ice ball
-Odin kills 2 Frost Giants with his laser beam

Inauguration Interruption: 5

-Frost Giants kill the 2 guards guarding the power source
-The Destroyer (controlled by Odin) kills the 3 Ice Giants

“Run Back Home, You Little Princess”: 136

-Thor hits a Frost Giant in the jaw Mjolnir, killing him
-Thor kills 3 Frost Giants with Mjolnir
-Vostlagg breaks a Frost Giant’s neck
-Fendral stabs 1 Frost Giant
-Hogun kills 1 Frost Giant with his spiked mace
-Thor throws Mjolnir into a Frost Giant’s head, decapitating him
-Hogun throws a knife at a Frost Giant, decapitating him
-A Frost Giant jumps off a cliff while lunging after Loki’s double
-Thor kills 1 Frost Giant
-Sif impales 2 Frost Giants with her sword
-Fandral stabs 1 Frost Giant in the jaw
-Loki throws a disc at 2 Frost Giant’s skulls, killing them
-Thor kills 2 Frost Giants
-Thor “force throws” Mjolnir through 10 Frost Giant’s chests, killing them
-Thor bashes 10 Frost Giants to death with Mjolnir
-Thor causes the shards of ice to impale 5 Ice Giants
-Thor raises Mjolnir in the air and causes lightning to strike on the ground which causes a shockwave, killing 22 Frost Giants in the blast
-Thor’s shockwave collapses the ice causing a whopping 71 Ice Giants to fall to their doom

Battle on Earth: 2
-The Destroyer (controlled by Loki) blows up a S.H.I.E.L.D. car killing two of the agents

The Final Battle: 14

-Heimdall stabs two ice giants after unfreezing himself
-Queen Frigga stabs a giant while defending the hospitalized King Odin
-Loki kills Laufey by obliterating him with a beam from his staff
-Loki then repositions the Bifrost bridge to destroy parts of Jotunheim, causing an earthquake that takes 10 ice giants lives