The Dependables (2014) Killcount And Body Count Breakdown

The Dependables (2014) a.k.a. Pride Of Lions

Starring Louis Gossett Jr., Margot Kidder, Seymour Cassel, Cedric Smith, Tom Jackson and Bo Svenson

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Gossett Jr. kills 10
Kidder kills 6
Cassel kills 4
Smith kills 11
Jackson kills 14
Svenson kills 25

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The Dependables (2014) Body Count Breakdown by Orphen20

[Character Kills]

Michael “Mick” Skinner (Bo Svenson): 25
Sgt. Robinson (Tom Jackson): 14
Paul Stansy (Cedric Smith): 11
Lou Jones (Louis Gossett Jr.): 10
Jean Dempsey (Margot Kidder): 6
Dominic Ackers (Seymour Cassel): 4
Elliott Ackers (Noah Reid): 3
Matt Stansy (Corey Sevier): 2
Claude Hitchcock (Rob DeLeeuw): 1
Muhammad Abdul Razaaq (Ali Kazmi): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Ambush: 11
5 American soldiers are killed by the blast.
One American soldier takes down a Taliban rebel with a vehicle-mounted machine gun.
The same soldier shoots another Taliban rebel.
Ackers shoots a rebel with a revolver.
Skinner shoots a Taliban rebel with a scoped rifle.
After Jones tells him the direction of the rebel, Skinner headshots the target.
Dempsey shoots the rebel with a shotgun.

Defense at the US Army Post 238: 14
Robinson sets up a trap and presses the button to detonate it, killing 3 Taliban.
Skinner shoots 2 Taliban with a machine gun, and Ackers shoots 1 with a revolver.
Jones throws a grenade at 2 Taliban rebels.
Skinner and Dempsey shoot 1 Taliban each.
Dempsey shoots another Taliban rebel.
Jones throws another grenade at a Taliban soldier.
Skinner and Jones kill 1 Taliban each.

“Just hand me another mag”: 5
Skinner shoots 3 Taliban with a machine gun.
Ackers shoots 1 Taliban rebel.
Stansy shoots 1 Taliban rebel with Dempsey’s assault rifle.

“Aim and fire”: 35
Stansy shoots 2 Taliban rebels before he blows up a 4WD truck. Skinner shoots 1 at the same time.

Joint U.S. Army/Afghan National Army Base: 8
An American soldier shoots a Taliban rebel.
Another American soldier shoots another Taliban rebel.
Jones shoots 2 Taliban rebels with a pistol.
Stansy and Dempsey shoot 1 Taliban rebel (shared kill).
Stansy shoots 1 Taliban soldier with a pistol.
Skinner shoots 2 Taliban mortar bombers with a sniper rifle.

Rescue: 5
Skinner shoots 1 Taliban rebel with a rifle.
Skinner shoots another Taliban rebel.
Skinner shoots 1 Taliban rebel.
One of Hitchcock’s men shoots 1 Taliban rebel in front of the main characters’ grandchildren.
Dempsey shoots 1 Taliban rebel.

“Get them out of here”: 5
Stansy shoots a Taliban rebel with an AK-47.
Robinson shoots 4 Taliban rebels by blowing up 2 4WD trucks.

Forest road: 4
Skinner shoots 1 Taliban rebel.
Robinson shoots 1 Taliban rebel.
Skinner shoots 2 Taliban rebels.

Turning back after the bridge has collapsed by explosives: 1
Robinson shoots 1 Taliban rebel.

Hitchcock’s warehouse: 2
Skinner shoots a Taliban mercenary.
Stansy, Dempsey, Jones, and Ackers shoot a Taliban mercenary outside the warehouse. (shared)

“Nobody move”: 1
Hitchcock shoots one of Razaaq’s men.

“But he’s still a snake”: 1
Razaaq shoots his own lawyer LaRoche with a revolver.

“Watch your back, Matt”: 1
Stansy shoots a Taliban fighter.

Cargo office: 2
Skinner shoots a Taliban fighter.
Robinson shoots a Taliban fighter.

Machine gun fire barrage: 1
Skinner has successfully taken care of the Taliban machine gunner with his sniper rifle.

Razaaq’s final stand: 3
Robinson and Matt shoot 2 Taliban fighters.
Matt shoots a Taliban fighter.

“Double time. Go!”: 3
Skinner and Elliott shoot 1 Taliban fighter (shared).
Elliott shoots another Taliban fighter.
Elliott shoots a Taliban fighter after Robinson and Matt rendezvous with them.

“Nice knowing you, folks”: 3
Skinner steps on the detonator that was set earlier by Robinson, Jones, and Stansy to blow up the cargo truck, killing Razaaq, the driver, and Hitchcock (shared).

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

While Skinner discusses their new plan, Sgt. Robinson puts a Taliban mercenary to sleep
Skinner knocks down a Taliban fighter who guards the prisoners
Following the explosion that kills Razaaq and Hitchcock, the team knocks down the rest of the Taliban fighters

[The Final Tally= 73]