The Challenge (1982) Killcount & Body Count Breakdown

The Challenge (1982)

Starring Scott Glenn and Toshirô Mifune

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Glenn kills 16
Mifune kills 17

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The Challenge [Sword Of The Ninja] (1982) Body Count Breakdown by H83TR3D


Toru Yoshida (Toshirô Mifune) : 17
Rick Murphy (Scott Glenn) : 16
Ando (Calvin Jung) : 2
Akiko Yoshida (Donna Kei Benz) : 1
Hideo Yoshida (Atsuo Nakamura) : 1


Ambush : 2
-Yoshida’s student kills one of Hideo’s men
-Hideo hitman guns down Yoshida’s student

Memory Improving : 1
-Ando throws Toshio Yoshida out of a moving van , sending him to his death

Fish Market : 1
-Akiko stabs Hideo’s hitman before he can shoot Murphy

You’re Not The Dumb Shmuck I Thought You Were : 4
-Murphy cuts the throat of one of Ando’s thugs
-Toru kills another thug
-One of Yoshida students throws a shuriken into another thug , killing him
-Ando guns down one of Yoshira’s students

Flashback : 1
-One of the Imperial soldiers shoots Toru Yoshida’s father dead

Betrayal : 6
-Hideo’s infiltrators kill 2 of Yoshida’s students
-Toru cuts down 2 hitmen
-Toru cuts down Go
-Murphy throws a shuriken into another hitman , killing him

Infiltration : 26
-Toru cuts a security guard’s face
-Toru puts an arrow in 3 other guards
-Toru uses corded arrow to pull a guard to his death
-Toru stabs a guard dead
-Toru strangles another guard
-Toru throws a shuriken into 2 guards , killing them
-Murhpy guns down 4 guards
-Toru cuts down the guard holding Murphy hostage
-Toru puts an arrow into another guard , causing him to fall to his death
-Murphy knifes one of Hideo’s hitmen dead
-Toru ambushes and kills 2 guards in a elevator
-Murphy ambushes and kills 2 guards in another elevator
-Murphy guns down 6 guards in a corridor

The Equals : 2
-Hideo decapitates Ando
-Murphy splits Hideo’s head


Murphy threw a pot of boiled shrimps on a thug at the fish market , but it didn’t seem to be fatal
At the conclusion of the film , Murphy , Toru and Akiko remain in Hideo’s building with many security guards still outside … Their fate is unknown