Toshirô Mifune Killcounts

Snow Trail
These Foolish Times

The New Age Of Fools

These Foolish Times II

The New Age Of Fools II

The Quiet Duel
Jakoman And Tetsu
Stray Dog
Escape From Prison
Conduct Report On Professor Ishinaka
Wedding Ring
Rashômon 2
Beyond Love And Hate
The Idiot
Pirate Ship


Meeting Of The Ghost Of Apres-Guerre
Kojiro Sasaki: Duel On Ganryu Island
The Life Of A Horsetrader
Who Knows A Woman’s Heart?
Vendetta Of A Samurai
The Life Of Oharu
Kin No Tamago: Golden Girl
Sword For Hire
Jewels In Our Hearts

Tokyo Sweetheart

Swift Current
The Man Who Came To Port
Blow! Spring Wind

My Wonderful Yellow Car

Last Embrace
Sunflower Girl
Eagle Of The Pacific

Operation Kamikaze

Seven Samurai 13
Samurai I: Miyamoto Musashi

Samurai, The Legend Of Musashi, Master Swordsman

The Sound Of Waves

The Surf, The Sound Of Surf

Smuggling Ship

The Black Fury

A Man Among Men

Dansei No. 1, No. 1 Man

All Is Well
All Is Well, Part 2

A World of Peace II

No Time For Tears
Samurai II: Duel At Ichijoji Temple

Swords Of Doom

I Live In Fear
Samurai III: Duel At Ganryu Island

Bushido, Musashi And Kojiro

Black Belt Sangokushi

Rainy Night Duel

The Underworld
Settlement Of Love
A Wife’s Heart
Prison Ship

Rebels On The High Sea

Throne Of Blood 3
A Man In The Storm
Be Happy, These Two Lovers
A Dangerous Hero
The Lower Depths
Ninjitsu II
A Holiday In Tokyo
The Rickshaw Man
The Happy Pilgramage
All About Marriage
Theater Of Life
The Hidden Fortress 4
Boss Of The Underworld

The Big Boss

Life Of An Expert Swordsman

Samurai Saga

Saga Of The Vagabonds
Desperado Outpost
The Three Treasures

Age Of The Gods

The Last Gunfight 1
The Gambling Samurai
Hawaii-Midway Battle Of The Sea And Sky: Storm In The Pacific Ocean
Man Against Man
The Bad Sleep Well
Salary Man Chushingura
Daredevil In The Castle
Salary Man Chushingura, Part 2
Yojimbo 18
The Youth And His Amulet

Gen And Prince Fudomyo, Gen And The Immovable Bright King


Tsubaki Sanjûrô

The Important Man

Ánimas Trujano (El Hombre Importante)


Home-Brewed Tatsu

Three Gentlemen Return From Hong Kong

3 Gentlemen From Tokyo

47 Ronin

The Loyal 47 Ronin, Chushingura

Wings Over The Pacific

Attack Squadron!, Kamikaze

The Lost World Of Sinbad
Shikonmado: Big Tornado


Samurai Assassin


Red Beard
Sanshiro Sugata

Judo Saga, Sugata Sanshirô

Retreat From Kiska
Fort Graveyard 59
Rise Against The Sword
The Sword Of Doom 25
Adventure In Kigan Castle
10,000 Miles Of Stormy Seas

The Mad Atlantic

Grand Prix
Samurai Rebellion 41
Japan’s Longest Day
The Sands Of Kurobe
Admiral Yamamoto
Festival Of Gion
Hell In The Pacific 1
Samurai Banners
Safari 5000

5,000 Kilometers To Glory

Battle Of The Japan Sea
Red Lion
Shinsengumi: Assassins Of Honor
Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo 30
The Ambitious

Incident At Blood Pass

The Walking Major

One Soldier’s Gamble

The Militarists
Red Sun 16
Paper Tiger
Proof Of The Man
Japanese Godfather: Ambition

Don Of Japan – Big Schemes

Dog Flute


Love And Faith
Japanese Godfather: Resolution

Japanese Don: Conclusion

Samurai Adviser

Lord Incognito

The Adventures Of Kosuke Kindaichi
Secret Detective Investigation: Net In Big Edo
1941 1
The Battle Of Port Arthur

203 Plateaus

Shingo Juban Shobu Dai Ichibu
The Bushido Blade

The Bloody Bushido Blade

Kyukei No Koya
Musumeyo! Ai To Namida No Tsubasa De Tobe
The Challenge 17
The Ten Battles Of Shingo, Part II
Lowly Ronin: Duel At Dawn
Shingo Juban Shobu Dai Sanbu Ai Ni Iki-Ken Ni Ikiru Seishun
Suronin Makaritoru Dai Sanbu Cikemuri No Yado
Shiawase No Kiiroi Hankachi
Suronin Makaritoru Dai Yonbu Sarumo Jigoku Nokorumo Jigoku
Theater Of Life
Battle Anthem
Makyo Sassho-Tani No Himitsu
The Ronin’s Path, Vol. V
The Miracle Of Joe Petrel

The Stormy Petrel, The Miracle Of Umitsubame Joe

Natsu No Deai
No More God, No More Love

Legend Of The Holy Woman

The Ballad Of The Sea Of Gankei

Song Of Genkai Tsurezure

Sicilian Connection
Tora-San Goes North
Princess From The Moon
CF Girl
Death Of A Tea Master
The Demon Comes In Spring
Ten To Chi To: Reimei-Hen
Strawberry Road
Journey Of Honor
Shadow Of The Wolf
Picture Bride
Deep River


No Kills In: Drunken Angel, High And Low, Midway, Shogun’s Samurai [The Yagyu Conspiracy], The Fall Of Ako Castle [Swords Of Vengeance], Winter Kills

Dai Chûshingura
Edo No Taka: Goyôbeya Hankachô

Falcons Of Edo

Tuesday Suspense Theater
Surônin Makaritôru

The Lowly Ronin’s Path


**All counts above 9 are tentative. Until there is a video showing verification, you may take these numbers with a grain of salt.