Star Trek (2009): Body Count Breakdown

Star Trek (2009) BodyCount Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800

(Previously done by Gregglop09 & Rorschach)

Spock (Zachary Quinto): 19
Lt. Sulu (John Cho): 18
James T. Kirk (Chris Pine): 8
Capt. Pike (Bruce Greenwood): 2
Nero (Eric Bana): 1
George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth): 1

Opening: 8
Nero impales Captain Robau with a spear
5 people blown up via laser blasts and missile projectiles by the Romulan crew on Nero’s ship
1 person sucked out into space from the ship breach
George Kirk sacrifices himself by ramming the ship into Nero’s vessel

Drill: 3
Olson sucked into the path of the drill laser, thus fatally letting out a “Wilhelm” scream
Sulu kills a Romulan by forcing him in the path of the drill’s laser, burning him up
Sulu stabs a Romulan, causing him to fall to his death

Nero Attacks: 8
8 people in medical station blown up

Vulcan: 4
3 Vulcan High Council Members crushed by rocks from the planet destruction
Spock’s mother, Amanda Grayson, falls to her death as the planet is destroyed beneath her

Rescue: 14
Kirk shoots 7 Romulans
Spock shoots 3 Romulans
1 Romulan killed by a rogue phaser blast
Kirk shoots Ayel with his own gun, causing Ayel to fall to his death
Captain Pike shoots 2 Romulans while still strapped to the torture table

Assistance: 16
Nero and 15 other Romulan crewmen are killed when Spock damages their ship and creates the black hole followed by the Enterprise’s phasers controlled by Sulu pushing aforementioned ship into the wormhole, tearing it apart (Shared kill between Spock and Sulu)

Romulus is blown up in a supernova, killing it’s several billion inhabitants. Vulcan is also blown up, killing almost all of it’s six billion inhabitants. 7 Starfleet ships destroyed by Nero, killing around 5,600 people. Mention of 47 Klingon Warbird ships blown up by Nero’s crew.

1 Romulan shot by Kirk, but the phaser was set to stun, making it non-lethal.