Punisher: War Zone (2008): Body Count Breakdown

Punisher: War Zone (2008) Body Count Breakdown by rorshach94

(Previously done by Rorschach94)


Frank Castle/The Punisher (Ray Stevenson): 87
Billy Russoti/Jigsaw (Dominic West): 4
Loony Bin Jim (Doug Hutchison): 4
Ink (Kerim Malikci-Sanchez): 1


Mansion Raid: 32
-Frank breaks a guard’s neck with his knee
-Frank decapitates Gaitano Cesare
-Frank breaks Mrs. Cesare’s neck
-Frank breaks another mobster’s neck
-Frank stabs a mobster in the skull
-Frank throws a knife into a mobster’s face
-Frank throws a knife into a mobster’s chest
-Frank shoots 2 mobsters while standing
-Frank shoots 2 more mobsters while standing
-Frank mows down 15 mobsters while hanging upside down from the ceiling
-Frank kicks a chair leg into a mobster’s eye
-Frank shoots 2 mobsters with his pistol
-Frank headshots 1 mobster
-Frank shoots 1 mobster and he falls off the railing and breaks his neck
-Frank shoots the mobster on the second balcony
-Frank shoots the last wounded mobster

Recycling Plant: 7
-Frank kills 1 guard with a dart
-Frank jumps on a guard hard and breaks his neck (you can hear the snap and if you look at his corpse, his neck is twisted)
-Frank shoots Agent Donatelli
-Frank shoots 1 guard with his pistol
-Frank shoots 1 guard while sliding
-Frank headshots 1 guard
-Frank shoots a guard in the face

Flashback: 3

-Frank’s wife, his son and daughter are seen dead

“I Need To Talk To My Doctor Alone”: 1
-Jigsaw stabs his doctor in the head with scissors off-screen (body is shown)

Setting Jim Free: 2
-Jigsaw breaks Dr. Basner’s neck
-Jim tears out the orderly’s heart

Meeting: 1
-Jigsaw stabs 1 of Cristu’s thug’s through the neck with a broken champange bottle

Magnity’s Gang: 4
-Magnity’s thugs kill the shop owner
-Frank blows up 1 thug mid-air with an RPG
-Frank headshots 1 thug
-Frank throws Magnity off the roof and he is impaled on the spikes below then Frank lands on his neck and breaks it

“Where’s My Money?!”: 4
-Jim beats 1 cop to death with a baseball bat with one hit
-Ink draws a sword and Jim pushes a policewoman on it, impaling her (shared)
-Frank smashes Ink’s face in with one punch
-Frank blows Pittsy’s head off with a shotgun

Micro’s Apartment: 1
-Micro’s mother is shown with her head blown off, courtesy of Jim

Mercy: 1
-Frank shoots Carlos in the head off-screen

Hotel Shoot-Out: 53
-Russians shoot 7 Asians
-Asians shoot 8 Russians
-Frank shoots an Irish thug in the face
-Frank shoots 4 Irish thugs
-Frank guns down a thug before kicking the tin can
-Frank tosses a grenade into a tin can and kicks it toward a wall, blowing up 1 thug
-Frank guns down 4 Irish thugs
-Frank shoots an Irish’s thug’s leg off and finishes him when he reloads
-Frank shoots 1 Irish thug in the face
-Frank machine guns another Irish thug
-Frank shoots 1 Irish thug while laying down
-Frank shoots 2 Irish thugs with his pistol
-Frank shoots the last 2 Irish thugs with his machine-guns pistols
-Frank shoots a gangster off the staircase
-Frank shoots another gangster
-Frank blows up a room full of gangster’s with a grenade launcher, killing 9 of them
-Frank shoots the 2 wounded gangsters
-Frank guns down 2 gangsters on the staircase
-Frank mows down 4 gangster while under them
-Frank shoots the last Irish thug’s head off

Standoff: 2
-Frank headshots Jim
-Jigsaw executes Micro

Final Fight: 1
-Frank impales Jigsaw with a spike and throws him into the fire, burning him to death

Ending: 1
-Frank headshots a mugger off-screen