The Punisher (2004): Body Count Breakdown

The Punisher (2004) Unrated Extended Cut (2004) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Frank Castle/The Punisher (Thomas Jane): 22
Howard Saint (John Travolta): 3
John Saint (James Carpinello): 3
Cutter (Hank Stone): 2
Lincoln (Tom Nowicki): 1
Frank Castle, Sr (Roy Schinider): 1
Jimmy Weeks (Russell Andrews): 1


Drug Bust Gone Wrong: 4
-SWAT Team mow down the 3 Russians
-Bobby Saint’s dead body shown, shot by the SWAT Team

Club: 1
-Howard shoots the henchman who failed him

Massacre: 14
-Saint’s Hitmen shoot Frank’s Mom
-5 of Frank’s family members are shot by Saint’s thugs
-Cutter machine guns a guy on a motorcycle
-A hitman shoots 3 family members under the plank
-Frank shotguns 1 hitman
-Cutter machine guns a family member on a boat
-Frank shoots a propane tank, blowing up 1 hitman
-Castle, Sr. stabs a hitman in the back
-Castle. Sr. dies of the shotgun wound inflicted by Lincoln
-John shoots a wounded family member

Pier: 2
-John runs down Will and Maria with a truck

Bank: 2
-Frank shoots Cutter and his partner with dual pistols

Bring a Knife To A Gunfight: 1
-Frank shoots a knife into Harry Heck’s throat

The Russian Fight: 1
-Frank tackles The Russian down a flight of stairs, breaking his neck on the ground

It Ends Tonight: 1
-Frank hits a thug in the head with a paper cutter

Cheating: 1
-Howard stabs Quentin to death

“Do It”: 1
-Jimmy shoots himself in the head

Loyalty: 1
-Howard throws Livia off a bridge and she is run over by a train

“Punishment”: 15
-Frank kills 2 mobsters with a bow and arrow
-Frank slashes a mobster’s throat with a fancy-looking knife
-Frank’s champange bomb blows up 2 mobsters
-Frank machine guns 2 mobsters
-Frank shoots 2 more mobsters with a handgun
-Frank shoots 1 mobster with a sawed-off shotgun
-Frank stabs Lincoln in the jaw
-Frank shoots a wounded mobster on the floor
-Frank’s door bomb blows up 1 mobster
-Frank’s proximity bomb blows up John
-Frank blows up a series of cars, causing Howard to be set on fire, killing him