News For Abuse: Cage’s Witch Film Is Cursed, The Rock Returns To Action, And Lundgren’s Latest Is Renamed For Stupid Americans


Some good news and some bad news at the opening of this month as it seems Dwayne Johnson is hanging up his Tooth Fairy wings and tutu in order to finally bring us an action vehicle most of us can generally agree is about ten years too late.  Still, I think it’s worth mentioning that the trailer for Faster does look rather promising, and anything Johnson can do to help wash away the embarrassment of his “Disney years” is most welcome.

In Nicolas Cage news (could’ve segued from something about Escape To Witch Mountain to Season Of The Witch, but I refuse), it seems the reason we have yet to see this film in our local theaters is because Lionsgate has ordered several reshoots, set to occur in September.  At least we’ll have Machete that month.

And in DTV land, Dolph Lundgren’s latest directorial effort, Icarus, has been retitled The Killing Machine for its stateside release.  [Editor’s Note: Icarus hits region one shelves on 10/19/10] No official word has been made on the reason for this silly change, but it can be assumed the distributors figured North American audiences couldn’t wrap their heads around the concept of Dolph Lundgren in a movie with a plot.  Thanks for the thought, guys.


Of course, August is the month of The Expendables (the 13th, in case you’ve forgotten).  Most of you are counting down the days until its release and so am I.  A movie like this is really only made once every generation or so, and I am eager to see if it can deliver on its promise.  Remember how important this is to the genre and be sure to support it by NOT downloading it.  Go see this at the cinemas.  Seriously.  In the meantime, feel free to join us in various discussions in the forums HERE.

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