Zombieland (2009) Body Count Breakdown

Zombieland (2009) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

(previously done by RANTBO)


Tallahasse (Woody Harrelson): 107
Wichita (Emma Stone): 20
Columbus (Jesse Eisenburg): 9
Little Rock (Abigail Breslin): 2
Sister Cynthia Knickerbocker (Joan Schuermeyer): 1


Opening: 11
-Zombies eat 8 people
-2 dead bodies are see lying on the street
-A woman is hit by a car

Credits: 4
-Zombies kill 3 inmates
-A watchtower guard jumps to his death

“Rule #2: Double Tap”: 1
-Columbus shoots 1 zombie

Zombie Neighbor Flashback: 1
-Columbus kills 406 with a toilet lid

Road: 1
-A zombie is seen eating a pedestrian

Market: 3
-Tallahasse beats 1 zombie’s skull in with a banjo
-Tallahasse beats 1 zombie’s brains out with a baseball bat
-Tallahasse decapitates a zombie with hedge-clippers

Greenhouse: 1
-Columbus finishes the zombie Tallahasse shot

Zombie Kill of the Week: 1

-Sister Knickerbocker crushes 1 zombie with a piano

Theater: 2
-Columbus shoots 1 zombie
-Witchita shoots 1 zombie

The Death of Bill Murray: 1
-Columbus shoots Bill Murray in the chest and he bleeds out while talking to Tallahasse

Funland: 129

-Witchita shoots 5 zombies while running to the car
-Witchita causes the Hummer to crash into the water, killing 4 zombies
-Witchita shoots 2 zombies while running to a ride
-Little Rock shoots a zombie
-Witchita shoots 7 zombies
-Little Rock shoots 1 zombie while on the ride
-Tallahasse drive-by shoots 6 zombies
-Tallahasse mows down 4 zombies after dropping his whiskey
-Tallahasse mows down 16 zombies while hanging from one of the rides
-Columbus shoots 1 zombie
-Columbus shoots a zombie in the haunted house
-Wichita shoots 1 zombie off the ride to his death
-Tallahasse shoots 5 zombies
-Columbus shoots a female zombie in the haunted house
-Tallahasse shoots 1 more zombie with a shotgun
-Tallahasse shoots 5 zombies dual-handed
-1 dead zombie is seen on the roof
-Tallahasse massacres 66 zombies off-screen (bodies are shown)
-Witchita knocks a zombie off a ride to his death