Once Upon A Time In China And America Body Count Breakdown

Once Upon A Time In China And America [Wong Fei Hung: Chi Sai Wik Hung See] (1997) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Wong Fei-Hung (Jet Li) – 9
Billy (Jeff Wolfe) – 8
Bandit Leader (Joe Sayah) – 7
‘Clubfoot’ Seven / Lau Chat (Xiong Xin Xin) – 1
Ryon Marshall (Corrupted Mayor) – 1


Huron Attack – 17
-Huron arrows 1 pioneer
-Billy shoots 1 Huron
-Fei Hung throws an axe in 1 Huron
-Fei Hung hacks 1 Huron
-Fei Hung deflects a thrown axe back into 1 Huron
-Fei Hung spears 2 Hurons
-The coachman shoots 1 Huron
-The coachman is speared
-Huron arrows 1 pioneer
-2 Hurons shot
-Huron spears 1 pioneer
-1 innocent man arrowed
-Billy shoots 3 Hurons

Nightmare / Hallucination – 1, imagined
-Fei Hung sees himself gettting speared

Robbery – 2
-Bandits shoots 2 posse

Mohawk’s Challenge – 4
-Fei Hung slashes 2 Mohawks
-Fei Hung throws 2 axes into 2 Mohawks

“I thought we had…” “Adios” – 1
-Leader shoots the banker

“What about Peat?” “Adios, Peat” – 1
-Leader shoots Peat

The Hanging – 19
-Leader shoots 2 townspeople
-6 townspeople blown up
-Leader shoots a woman
-4 more townspeople killed in background
-Bandits blows up 3 posse
-Leader cuts the sheriff’s throat with his spurs
-Billy shoots 2 bandits

“You should leave” – 2
-Corrupted Mayor shoots the traitor
-Leader shoots the corrupted Mayor

The Showdown – 14
-14 corpses seen in aftermath

Stable – 3
-Lau Chat hangs bald bandit
-Billy impales 1 bandit with a pick
-Billy kicks last bandit in the throat, killing him


-Bandit Leader kills a wolf.
-Lau Chat KOs many thugs in the saloon.
-Fei Hung beats up many people.