Willow (1988) Body Count Breakdown

Willow (1988) Body Count Breakdown by Kooshmeister


Madmartigan (Val Kilmer): 17
Airk Thaughbaer (Gavan O’Herlihy): 4
General Kael (Pat Roach): 3
Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis): 2
Princess Sorsha (Joanne Whalley): 2
Franjean (Rick Overton): 1
Rool (Kevin Pollak): 1
Fin Raziel (Patricia Hayes): 1


Death Dog Attack: 1
-Ethna is mauled by the death dogs whilst protecting Elora

Wagon Chase: 1
-Madmartigan kills a Nockmaar soldier with his own mace

Escaping the Camp: 4
-Madmaritgan kills 4 Nockmaar soldiers

After Them!: 4

-Airk shoots 1 Nockmaar soldier with a bow and arrow
-A Galadoorn soldier kills 1 Nockmaar soldier with a bow and arrow
-Airk stabs 1 Nockmaar soldier with a knife
-Airk kills 1 Nockmaar soldier with a shuriken

Battle of Tir Asleen: 22
-Madmartigan shoots 2 Nockmaar soldiers with a crossbow
-The Eborsisk’s left head eats 1 Nockmaar soldier
-1 Nockmaar soldier knocked to his death by Raziel (as a goat)
-2 Nockmaar soldiers shot with crossbows in a booby trap laid by Madmartigan
-Madmartigan shoots 2 Nockmaar soldiers with two crossbows (one in either hand)
-The Eborsisk’s left head eats another Nockmaar soldier
-A troll is grabbed by the Eborsisk’s right head; the left head grabs it, too, and they pull (make a wish!)
-Madmartigan kills another Nockmaar soldier
-The Eborsisk’s left head fries 2 Nockmaar soldiers with its flame-breath
-Madmartigan kills 2 more Nockmaar soldiers
-Madmartigan kicks a troll off the balcony where he gets eaten by the Eborsisk’s right head (although the Eborsisk eats him, I give this kill to Madmartigan because the troll wouldn’t have been eaten if Madmartigan hadn’t kicked him off)
-Willow kills 2 Nockmaar soldiers
-The dead Eborsisk lands on a hapless Nockmaar soldier
-Kael kills 1 Galadoorn soldier
-The Galadoorn army kills 2 Nockmaar soldiers

Battle of Nockmaar: 15
-1 Nockmaar soldier killed by the attacking Galadoorn soldiers approaching the castle
-1 Nockmaar soldier stabbed by an unidentified Galadoorn soldier
-1 Galadoorn soldier shot by Nockmaar archers
-Madmartigan kills 1 Nockmaar soldier
-Nockmaar archers kill 1 Galadoorn soldier
-Airk cuts a Nockmaar soldier’s throat
-Sorsha kills 2 of Bavmorda’s priests
-Franjean and Rool launch some spears from a catapult, killing 2 Nockmaar soldiers (I give 1 to each of them)
-Kael kills Airk with his own dagger
-Kael kills 2 Galadoorn soldiers
-Madmartigan kills Kael by stabbing him with Airk’s broken sword, and then with his (Kael’s) own sword
-Bavmorda is struck by lightning and turns into a reddish mist and disappears


-Queen Bavmorda orders Elora’s mother killed, but this is never shown.
-Many Nockmaar soldiers were probably killed by Airk’s men outside Tir Asleen, but we only clearly see the ones listed.
-There were 5 Nockmaar soldiers outside the castle gate at the climax but we only see one cut down when the Galadoorn army catches up to them.
-Airk dumps a cauldron of scalding hot…something onto a group of twenty or so Nockmaar soldiers but they don’t appear to die.
-Madmartigan kills the Eborsisk and Willow also “kills” animated table-like pot but as these are nonsentient creatures I didn’t count them.