True Romance (1993) Body Count Breakdown

True Romance (1993) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Nicky Dimes (Chris Penn): 3
Boris (Eric Allan Kramer): 3
Clarence Worley (Christian Slater): 2
Drexl Spivey (Gary Oldman): 2
Luca (Paul Ben-Victor): 2
Wurlitzer (Michael Beach): 2
Alabama Whitman (Patricia Arquette): 1
Cody Nicholson (Tom Sizemore): 1
Vincenzo Coccotti (Christopher Walken): 1
Lenny (Victor Argo): 1
Frankie (Frank Adonis): 1
Marvin (Kevin Corrigan): 1


Drug Deal: 2
-Drexl shoots Floyd D
-Drexl shoots Big Don

“Negotiation”: 2
-Clarence shoots Marty
-Clarence shoots Drexl

“You’re a cantaloupe!”: 1
-Vincenzo shoots Clifford

First Time: 1
-Alabama shoots Virgil

Hotel Shootout: 14
-Nicholson shoots Donowitz
-Boris shoots 1 cop
-Boris shoots Nicholson and he’s finished off by Lenny
-Frankie shoots Elliot*
-Boris shoots another cop
-Lenny is shot by a cop
-Marvin shoots Monty*
-1 dead cop shown outside
-Dimes and Wurlitzer shoot Marvin
-Luca shoots Wurlitzer
-Dimes shoots Boris
-Luca shoots Dimes
-Luca dies from gunshot wounds inflicted by Dimes and Wurlitzer
-Frankie is shot by cops


*Frankie was the only mobster holding a pistol. Lenny, Luca, and Marvin all wielded shotguns, and the wounds on Elliot match those of a pistol.
*Not clearly shown, but Monty is not seen again and Marvin was the only one firing at him.