Torque (2004) Body Count Breakdown

Torque (2004) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Ford (Martin Henderson): 5
Henderson (Justina Machando): 2
Chase (Monet Mazur): 1
Trey (Ice Cube): 1
Henry (Matt Schuzle): 1


Time’s Up: 1
-Henry breaks Junior’s neck with a chain

Tree Chase: 4
-Ford causes 2 Reapers to crash, killing them (the way they crashed was pretty brutal, so i’m counting it)
-Ford causes 2 Reapers to crash into each other, killing them instantly (again, it looked fatal enough)

Warehouse: 3
-Trey hangs Luther with a chain
-Henderson blows herself and McPherson up with the motorcycle bombs

China vs Chase: 1
-Chase knocks China into a car windshield, killing her

Ford vs Henry: 1
-Ford blows up Henry