Top Secret! (1984) Body Count Breakdown

Top Secret! (1984) Body Count Breakdown by Kooshmeister


Chocolate Mousse (Eddie Tagoe): 10
Nick Rivers (Val Kilmer): 1
Sergeant Krueger (Jack Cooper): 1
Albert Potato (Sydney Arnold): 1


Border checkpoint: 1
-German soldiers drag away and shoot a man who was smuggling dog biscuits

Secret meeting: 1
-Krueger shoots the “blind” undercover agent

At the opera: 1
-Nick knocks Krueger off a balcony into the orchestra, killing him

Flergendorf Prison: 1

-The Germans execute a priest by electric chair

Shootout at the Potato farm: 13
-Chocolate Mousse blows up 1 German soldier with a cannon
-Albert Potato shoots 1 German soldier
-1 German soldier shot in the back by an unidentified character
-5 French resistance members killed by a grenade…somehow despite Albert Potato throwing himself on it (he himself survives)
-Chocolate Mousse shoots 5 German soldiers fighting with resistance members, all without hitting any of his comrades

Infiltrating Flergendorf Prison: 1

-Chocolate Mousse knocks a German soldier off the prison wall whereupon he turns out to be made of ceramic and shatters hitting the ground

Escaping: 3

-Chocolate Mousse shoots at a car carrying 3 German soldiers, causing the driver to lose control and rear-end a Ford Pinto, killing all 3 in an explosion


Nick’s manager, Martin, is said to have died while using the “Anal Intruder” on a ridiculously high setting. Thankfully we are spared the sight of this. Since Martin’s death happens entirely offscreen I hesitated to count it and ultimately didn’t.