The Wolfman [Director’s Cut] (2010) Body Count Breakdown

The Wolfman [Director’s Cut] (2010) Body Count Breakdown by Kooshmeister


Lawrence Talbot (Benicio Del Toro): 12
Sir John Talbot (Anthony Hopkins): 12
Gwen Gonliffe (Emily Blunt): 1
Kirk (David Sterne): 1


Opening Scene: 1
-Ben Talbot is killed by his transformed father, Sir John

Gypsy Camp Attack: 8

-The werewolf (Sir John) tackles a gypsy guard from offscreen
-A dying gypsy is seen with half his back ripped off
-A gypsy with a missing arm runs past Lawrence (he had to have died since otherwise he’d become a werewolf like Lawrence does)
-A gypsy with a missing leg is seen (ditto)
-Kirk accidentally shoots a gypsy thinking he was the werewolf
-Sir John kills Kirk
-A man is found by Nye, having been partially eaten by Sir John
-Sir John kills Nye by thrusting his claws up through Nye’s chin and into his head

Werewolf Hunt: 6
-Lawrence drags Squire Strickland down into the hole dug by the hunters and disembowels him
-MacQueen is accidentally shot by the other hunters (only in the director’s cut; in the theatrical version Lawrence appears to kill him)
-A hunter is accidentally shot by another man who was aiming at Lawrence
-A hunter is flung against a wall by Lawrence and apparently killed
-Lawrence beheads Montford
-Lawrence kills Dr. Lloyd offscreen

Flashback: 1

-Solana is seen dead in Sir John’s arms; it is implied she committed suicide but John later admits he killed her as a werewolf

Escaping the Asylum: 2

-Lawrence kills Ripler
-Lawrence throws Dr. Hoenneger out the window, and Hoenneger is impaled on the fence

London Rampage: 5

-Lawrence crushes a policeman
-A man is run over by the double decker bus
-Lawrence slashes and kills at least 3 people in the bus

Return to Talbot Hall: 3

-Singh is seen hung up on the wall, killed by Sir John offscreen
-Carter is seen sitting dead in Sir John’s armchair, killed offscreen by him
-Lawrence fights and kills Sir John by beheading him

Release by Love: 1
-Gwen shoots Lawrence to release him from the curse